Top-Rated Robotic Pool Cleaners

Experts at PoolBots have weighed in and chosen the top-rated robotic pool cleaners for your pool. We tried all the latest and greatest pool robots to find the top rated of 2018

Robotic pool cleaners are perhaps the most personal pool equipment.  We rely on it.  We see it and touch it frequently. That’s why it’s super important to pick the robot that’s best for your needs. There are many factors to consider, from design and capacity to reliability and durability. We consider every aspect of the robotic pool cleaner to determine whether it’s a top-rated robot for you, or if you’re better off with something else.

2018 is going to be an incredible year for robotic pool cleaners because of the new technology, thanks in part to new contenders such as Dolphin Sigma.  The Dolphin brand is where we've seen the most innovation in the top rated category.  You now have the Premier, Quantum, and the new Sigma to choose from.  After much debate and soul searching, we landed on the Dolphin Premier as our top rated robot value pick.  For the best pick, money aside, the absolute top rated pool robot is the Dolphin Sigma.  It was a close race but ultimately new technology wins out.  The Dolphin Sigma ultimately triumphed due to the amazing performance of Gyroscopic Navigation and not one, but triple motors.  It has by far the most suction and most precise navigation of any robotic pool cleaner we've ever tested - easily earning top-rated robotic pool cleaner status.

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