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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

The Flagship Cleaner

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Like nothing before.

Blue Helix One Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Blue Helix One
  • Programmable Weekly Timer and App
  • Blue Helix One Waterline Cleaning
  • Blue Helix Dual Oversized Filter Baskets
  • Blue Helix One Triple Motors
  • Blue Helix One AutoX Pool Mapping
  • Blue Helix One Dual Scrubbing Brushes
  • Blue Helix One 2 Year Warranty
  • Blue Helix One Robotic Pool Cleaner

Blue Helix One

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Blue Helix One's Top Features

Waterline Cleaning

The Blue Helix's advanced Dual Stabilizers allow it to clean like never before.

Smartphone App

Manually control, schedule, and read advanced stats about each clean right from Blue Helix's app.

Programmable Weekly Timer

Set Blue Helix One to automatically clean every day, two days, or three days.

Introducing Blue Helix One

Change the way you clean your pool. High-tech and high value, the Blue Helix One provides a deeper clean and more powerful clean - all at a lower cost. Packed with top-shelf features such as Focus Mode™ and Waterline Cleaning, there is no wonder why the Blue Helix One was rated best robot under $1000 by our pool experts.

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Blue Helix One Waterline Scrubbing
Blue Helix One Front

Commercial Grade.
Prosumer Price.

What makes Blue Helix so much better? Dual top-loading filters, waterline cleaning, and a smartphone app used to be only found on premium robots, such as the Dolphin ProLine that start at $1000+ - but not anymore. The Blue Helix One packs all these features and more at a lower price tag.

Focus Mode™

The latest innovation from Blue Helix. Target any part of your pool. Whether you want to only clean the floors or simply place an emphasis on the wall, select the area you want to clean. With a touch of the button, the Blue Helix One provides a more custom clean for your pool.

Blue Helix One Smartphone App
Blue Helix One Waterline Cleaning

Superior Floor, Wall and Waterline Cleaning

High-speed Quad Brushes scrub away at the floor wall and waterline. Providing more scrubbing and vacuuming power than traditional suction and pressure-side pool cleaners, the Blue Helix One cleans every square inch - eliminating algae, bacteria, and biofilm in its path.

Dual Oversized Filters

The two top-loading filters are easier to clean than traditional filter cartridges. Simply pop open the Blue Helix, dump, and rinse. It's that simple.

Able to capture all types of debris, the Blue Helix One excels in capturing leaves and algae in your pool. So put away the pool brush, and let the Blue Helix One do the work for you.

Blue Helix One Filter Baskets
Blue Helix One

2 Year Warranty

The Blue Helix One includes a 2 year warranty. Designed for maximum convenience and reliability for your swimming pool, the Blue Helix provides a high-performance clean that helps keep your pool clean and healthy.

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Blue Helix One Specifications

Waterline Cleaning Yes
Wall Climbing Yes
Dual Stabilizer Yes
Number of Motors 3
Gallons Filtered Per Hour 4200 GPH
Filter Types Filter Basket
Pool Coverage Floor, Wall, and Waterline
Pool Types In Ground
Pool Size 50 ft
Pool Shapes Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Pool Surfaces Concrete, Plaster, Gunite, Pebble, Tile, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass
Cable Length 50ft
Anti-Tangle Swivel No
Obstacle Avoidance Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Warranty 2 Years
Brand Blue Helix
Manufacturer Blue Helix
Part Number
Microsite Visit Microsite

Blue Helix One Manual & Guides

Read Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.6

Jackson - 5 Stars

We have someone who maintains our pool, but it is a new pool. We get a lot of scale from the light color of our pebbles. This has been taking care of the extra clean up between maintenance days. Easy set up and works great.

MM - 4 Stars

I was a little skeptical about how well this would work on dirt, as the filter baskets it uses are mesh and not really filters. However, it did surprisingly well and managed to remove some dirt from the pool. It seems to have decent patterns and good coverage of the pool floor. Also, with moderately dirty baskets, it has the power to get to the water line. The control box is fairly simple, although there are no instructions included. Additionally, I could not find the supposed app that was advertised. So, if you are looking for a robot that you can manually control, this will not work. It did a great job getting all the leaves off the bottom of the pool with great storage capacity.

Cortney J Murphy - 5 Stars

Owning a pool can be a great addition to your home, but maintaining it can be a time-consuming chore. One that I was starting to regret. That's where pool robots come in, but the Blue Helix pool cleaner is a standout among them. This versatile robot tackles a variety of pool cleaning tasks, from scrubbing the floor and walls to removing debris from the waterline. Most pool robots are really only good for one function, and this one excels at several! Its impressive cleaning efficiency is further enhanced by customizable cleaning options through a smartphone app and programmable timing function. The Blue Helix's power and maneuverability are driven by its three motors and four brushes. It can clean over 4750 GPH, and its filter baskets are easy to remove and clean. Definitely recommend! Overall, the Blue Helix pool cleaner is an excellent choice for pool owners who want a comprehensive and effective cleaning solution. It's easy to set up and use, and it will keep your pool spotless between professional cleanings. I am beyond impressed, too! This is a pool robot that really delivers and I highly recommend!

Ring-Wraith - 5 Stars

I have never owned a robot pool cleaner before, so I'm coming at this from the perspective of someone who has done it themselves. So I was already amazed just at the concept of a robotic pool cleaner before even trying out the product. However, the product only reaffirmed my amazement and impressed me further. I was under the impression that most of these cleaners only did the walls and floor, but apparently this one also cleans the waterline (the biggest pain and dirtiest). There's not much setup at all with this and it really is plug-and-play like it advertises. It's extremely easy to use and pretty much just cleans the pool unsupervised while you're away. You can set it up to clean on a schedule, on demand, drive it yourself, and even focus on specific areas. The associated app allows you to utilize a lot of these scheduling features. The scrubbing brushes are very powerful and help to really get it clean. The dual filters are excellent at trapping all of the little bits of leaves, which are still falling right now in the Carolinas. This robotic pool cleaner is just absolutely amazing. I'm more impressed by this then the robotic vacuums, because this saves you so much more time and hassle. If you own a pool, then I don't know how you could get by without one of these. This option by Blue Helix seems to be the best value you can get for the money, but without losing out on all of the awesome features.

Rpg - 4 Stars

It works great but it didn't feel any different than a 400$ pool cleaner. It still works but the price difference is large. There are more features than others but... you're just turning this on and putting this in a pool. I don't think the price is worth it but it does still work. Others explain more specifics better, but I'm not blown away by this product.

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Questions and Answers

Does Poolbots charge any restocking fees in your 30 Day Free Trial?

No, we never charge a restocking fee ever! We know a robotic pool cleaner is a big investment, which is why we offer Free 30-Day Trials on all robotic pool cleaners!

How long is the Blue Helix One's warranty?

As a proud Authorized Dealer for Blue Helix, the Blue Helix One includes a full 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Does Blue Helix One need a booster pump to work?

No! The Blue Helix One is plug and play! All you need to do is unbox the unit and plug it into an outlet. No setup or assembly required!

My Blue Helix One gets stuck on drains, how can I fix this?

With a main drain clip on, you can successfully avoid the robot getting stuck on your drain.

Does the Blue Helix One work with saltwater pools?

Yes. The Blue Helix One works with all types of pools, including freshwater and saltwater.

What types of pools does the Blue Helix One work with?

The Blue Helix One is compatible with the following types of pools: In-ground pools, above-ground pools, gunite pools, tile pools, fiberglass pools, and viny pools of all shapes and sizes. If you have any questions or wonder if this is the right robot for you, contact us or view our Pool Robot Guide.

Does the Blue Helix One have WiFi/Bluetooth?

Yes, the Blue Helix One has bluetooth that allows you to connect and control the robot from the app.

Does the Blue Helix One have an app?

Yes, the Blue Helix One has an app to control the robot.

How long does Nautilus CC Plus run for?

The Blue Helix One cleans for 1, 2, 3 hours. You can set the robot to run daily via its included programmable timer.

How does Blue Helix One work?

The Blue Helix One works as an automatic robotic pool cleaner. It will vacuum, scrub, and automate your pool cleaning. With a plug and play design, all you need is an outlet to plug it into and you’re good to go. No booster pump or assembly needed.

Does Blue Helix One pick up leaves?

The Blue Helix One is great at cleaning and picking up leaves. With a larger filter and strong flowrate, the Blue Helix One can vacuum leaves with ease.

Does Blue Helix One pick up sand, algae, or small debris?

The Blue Helix One cannot perform as well as robots with NanoFiltration. As the mesh filters on Blue Helix One cannot capture small particles like the newer Gen-2 NanoFilters. See all robots with NanoFiltration here.

Does Blue Helix One come with NanoFilters?

The Blue Helix One does not have NanoFilters. See all robots with NanoFilters here.

Does Blue Helix One clean waterline?

Yes, the Blue Helix One cleans the waterline.

Does Blue Helix One climb walls?

Yes, the Blue Helix One cleans your entire pool - including the floor, walls, and waterline.

Can the Blue Helix One be plugged into an extension cord?

Yes it can!

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