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  • Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Review

Dive into how the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus performs, its features, what's included, and how it works in our in-depth review. With years of experince in the pool industry, let us help find you the perfect pool robot.

What You Need To Know About The
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

  • Discontinued Unit - As of 2023, this model is discontinued. Newer units with Gen 2 Filtration available in the ProLine and Max-Series
  • No Waterline Cleaning - Won't clean the dirtest part of your pool
  • Utilizes the smaller Gen 1 filter cartridges, rather than utilizing the newer NanoFiltration™ or MaxBin™
  • No NanoFilters™ - Nautilus CC Plus cannot clean smaller debris and algae
  • Standard Brush - No HyperBrush like on similarly priced models such as Dolphin Cayman
  • Overshadowed by the newer Gen 2 models with more features - such as the ProLine and Max-Series

Nautilus CC Plus is missing...

Dolphin MaxBin

Missing MaxBin™

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is missing the MaxBin™, an oversized filter basket that is easier to clean and up to 225% larger.

Read About MaxBin™ →

No Waterline Cleaning

Without waterline cleaning, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus won't clean the dirtest part of your pool. The Nautilus CC Plus only has partial wall climbing.

Why Waterline Cleaning is Needed →
Dolphin NanoFilter Cartridges

No NanoFilters™

Without these Gen 2 filters, the Nautilus CC Plus cannot clean smaller particles, such as algae, sand, and other debris.

Why NanoFilters are essential →

Shoppers ultimately bought... Compare vs.

Dolphin Cayman

Upgraded Max-Series™ with Wall Climbing, MaxBin™, Weekly Smart Timer, and NanoFiltration™ Capability

Dolphin Quantum

Features waterline cleaning, smart weekly timer, MaxBin™, NanoFilters™, and a 2 year warranty.

Dolphin Premier

Premier adds waterline cleaning, commercial grade motors, MultiMedia™, NanoFilters™, 3 year warranty + 30 Day Free Trial.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner is a mid-level model from the Maytronics brand’s popular Nautilus series. The three robots that make up the Nautilus series are known for two things. First, they are high volume sellers on Amazon because they’re priced a few hundred dollars lower than the premium robots from Dolphin. Second, they have a 20% restocking fee. This is unusual as some other Dolphin robots do not have restocking fees. This strategy would almost eliminate the cost of returns, but it shifts the risk to the buyer. Learn more here: Restocking Fees

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

We tested the Nautilus CC Plus and found it to be a solid machine but it’s missing key features. Bottom line, the Nautilus CC Plus differs greatly in terms of features and capabilities from its siblings from the Nautilus line. First, it lacks the waterline cleaning you’d expect. Second, Nautilus CC Plus is does not include NanoFiltration to capture small particles. Third, Nautilus CC plus does not have the larger, easier to clean MaxBin filtration basket found on the newer generation Dolphin robots. We took it for a spin in our test pool to see how it compares.

Nautilus CC Plus At-a-Glance

  • Reliable and Proven Dolphin Brand
  • Two top-loading filter cartridges
  • Anti-tangle swivel cable
  • Two-hour cleaning cycle
  • Cleans floor and walls (lower wall only)
  • 2.5 Year Warranty
  • Dual Scrubbing brushes

What’s Missing

Getting the Nautilus CC Plus Started

This robotic pool cleaner is plug-and-play, meaning there is no assembly required, nor does it call for any plumbing or electrical work if you have a standard 115V outlet nearby. The Nautilus CC Plus arrives securely packaged, and it takes mere minutes to have it poolside and ready to go. The foot power cord plugs into the power supply, which plugs into a standard outdoor electrical outlet.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Plug and Play
Plug and Play

The power supply looks straightforward, but the instructions were not very detailed. Figuring out the multi-function power supply without them took some trial and error. You can select a weekly program from the power supply, whether you want the robot to run once a day every week, every other day, or every three days.

Once we had played with the power supply and figured out the basics of how it worked, it was time to drop the Nautilus CC Plus into the water and start its first cleaning job. The pool we tested the cleaner in was a 19’x36’ free-form, in-ground pool. Thanks to a thunderstorm earlier in the week, it was dirty enough to give the robot a run for its money with leaves and debris littering the bottom.

The Nautilus CC Plus at Work


CleverClean technology is one of the features listed with the Nautilus CC Plus. This is a scanning software that ensures the robotic pool cleaner navigates its terrain intelligently and covers every surface. We didn’t notice the robot take a “smart” route during its cleaning job. However, it didn’t wander aimlessly like a lot of robotic pool cleaners at this price point. It did eventually cover the pool’s surface well – ultimately reaching about 90% of it.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Wall Climbing
Only Partial Wall Coverage, No Waterline Cleaning

Cleaning Power

With the amount of debris littering the bottom of the pool, we could see clearly when the robot traveled over a strip of the surface. Like a lawnmower plowing through tall grass, we could see the defined trail of clean floor left behind. Its suction power was sufficient to pull in all types of dirt, debris, sludge and even an ample amount of dog hair found on the bottom of the test pool.

The dual scrubbing brushes are made of durable-yet-pliable plastic bristles. We quickly saw that they aren’t just for show. As the Nautilus CC Plus climbed up some of the wall but stopped short of cleaning the waterline like the more premium offerings from Dolphin such as the Dolphin ProLine.

Out of the Water

After the two-hour cleaning job was over, we pulled the Nautilus CC Plus to the water’s surface by gently tugging the 60-foot cord. Once it was in arm’s reach, we grabbed the handle and lifted it up to let the water drain before pulling it to the side of the pool. It was rather heavy, and the water didn’t drain as quickly as the MaxSeries. Be advised that it may take some muscle to pull it from the water.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus out of the pool
Pulling the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus out of the pool

Filter Performance

The filters found on the Nautilus CC Plus are the older style variety. It has two top-loading cartridges that you just pull out from the cavity of the robot. They unsnap to reveal the debris captured inside. It had sucked up all of the visible junk we had seen littering the floor of the pool, but it also grabbed smaller bits like dog hair and insects. There was enough mixed debris and dog hair that it formed a bit of a sludge that I washed away with a garden hose. As I washed these contaminants onto the ground, I realized just how dirty the pool was.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Filter
Utilizes Gen-1 Filter Cartridges

We used the fine filter option which is included with the CC Plus. This is a bit misleading, because the filter screen has large pores and isn’t very fine. The large pore size lets the smaller contaminants pass through and continue recirculating in your pool. This brings us to the new NanoFiltration.

No NanoFiltration. No Pleated Filters.

The Dolphin CC Plus does not include NanoFiltration like the Dolphin ProLine. NanoFilters™ are made from a very small pore polyester pleated material. Under a high-powered microscope, you’ll see the individual fibers intersect, creating a tight mesh through which water flows and small particles are trapped. This webbed structure can sieve small micron particles. The deep pleats really grab hold of so much gunk that you’ll be shocked at what comes out of your pool. A pleated filter delivers a second advantage – it has a much larger surface area, capturing more waterborne particles while maintaining a relatively low resistance to water flow.

NanoFilters™ capture fine dirt and debris that passes through the standard filters

Finally, NanoFilters can absorb oil. That’s a good thing because you don’t want sunscreen creating an oil slick on the surface of the pool or scum lines on the tile. When oil is caught in the robot’s Nanofilter, it forms a transparent sheath over the trapped debris. This gunk is then washed off when the filter is cleaned, providing a valuable method to improve turbidity and improve the transparency of the water. Not all pool robots have NanoFilters, but if you want to read more and find the ones that do, here are all the robots with avaliable NanoFilters.

Ease of Cleaning

In terms of caring for the Nautilus CC Plus, it’s not as large and easy to clean as the newer and larger MaxBin™ found on some newer style models. The filter cartridges unsnap and snap back together. It’s not hard but takes some getting used to before you can do it quickly. Once out, all you have to do is dump the debris and rinse the cartridge clean before re-inserting it.

Dolphin Cayman's MaxBin™ is 50% Larger than the Nautilus CC Plus

At 19 pounds, this isn’t the heaviest robotic pool cleaner on the market, but it’s certainly not the lightest, either. The newer offerings from MaxSeries are a good bit lighter. We would certainly recommend upgrading if you’re concerned about the strength required to pull it out of the water.

What You’ll Love About the Nautilus CC Plus

  • Easy to Operate: The Nautilus CC Plus doesn’t ask for much in return. Just clean the filters after every job and store the robot according to directions.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Like all robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin CC plus is highly efficient. With dual DC motors, the CC plus will consume about 180 watts of power during operation.
  • Price: The CC Plus is one of the lowest price units from Dolphin. (note this is with 20% restocking fee if returned)
  • 2.5 Year Warranty: The limited warranty covers plastic parts, the power supply, cable, and motor for 30 months. Be advised, purchase your Nautilus CC Plus from a certified dealer.

What You Might Not Love

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a high volume Amazon seller in the robotic pool cleaner market, but a closer and more critical examination reveals some deficiencies that could frustrate pool owners.

No Waterline Ability

Unlike the Dolphin Premier or the Gen-2 Dolphin ProLine, the Nautilus CC Plus lacks waterline cleaning functionality, which can leave a ring of scum at the water's surface. The Dolphin CC Plus is advertised as a wall climbing robot, but its wall-climbing capability is limited to only the lower wall. It’s not designed to clean the upper wall or waterline. It’s just not designed to reach the waterline surface areas.

What the Nautilus CC Plus doesn't cover - the waterline

The Nautilus CC doesn’t offer waterline cleaning like most of the modern robots. All of the Dolphin ProLine robots offer 100% wall and waterline coverage. They climb to and scrub the buildup, algae and biolfilm buildup commonly found at the top of the water. The fact that the Nautilus CC Plus can’t consistently clean the entire pool wall is means some pool owners will be left wanting more complete coverage.

Falls Short on Filtration

The unit comes with two sets of basic fine filters but lacks the larger capacity filters and NanoFilters™ found in some of Dolphin's higher-end models. Users looking for these advanced filtration options may find the Nautilus CC Plus lacking. After one cleaning cycle, we checked the filtration system to see what all the Nautilus CC had captured. The filter basket had captured only larger debris, especially leaves and grass clippings. But the smallest contaminants just pass right through this large pore filter screen. The fine filter basket wasn’t able to capture particles that small. And this model doesn’t include NanoFiltration like the premium robots found in the Dolphin ProLine. Even the lower priced Dolphin Cayman includes NanoFiltration now.

Ease of Filter Removal & Cleaning

Although straightforward once you’ve done it a few times, users have found the filters difficult to clean and replace. Accessing the filters requires navigating a series of clips and latches that can be quite stiff and, for the uninitiated, somewhat confusing. The process involves multiple steps that require a degree of finesse.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Cleaning Filter
Cleaning the Nautilus CC Plus' filter can be a pain

For those new to the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus, cleaning the filters can become a cumbersome task. Once the compartments are opened, each filter must be carefully removed, which can be a fiddly process if the debris is tightly packed. The filters themselves have a mesh material that requires thorough and gentle washing to avoid tears or damage. Reassembling the filters back into their housing is also a precise task; they must be seated correctly to ensure the unit functions properly on its next cleaning cycle. This does add an additional layer of complexity when compared to the easy to clean MaxBin oversized filters found on the Dolphin MaxSeries.

Conclusion & Final Verdict

There are two way of looking at the Dolphin CC Plus, depending on your pool type and you’re looking for in your pool robot. On one hand, the CC Plus delivers moderate performance at a moderate price, striking a balance. It’s a solid choice for pool owners who need a reliable cleaner without the frills and who do not have a large pool. It is particularly suitable for those who prioritize a straightforward, no-fuss cleaning process over the latest features.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner
The CC Plus is solid, but better options avaliable

On the other hand, the Nautilus CC Plus seems to be a relic of a past era built to reach a low price point for Amazon’s budget conscious buyer. Outpaced by newer, more advanced, and user-friendly models on the market, it may be time to focus on other offerings from Maytronics. For pool owners with large pools or those seeking smart features and advanced filtration options, they might consider looking at higher-end models like those in the Dolphin ProLine or Dolphin MaxSeries.

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Dolphin ProLine
Dolphin Logo Nautilus CC Plus Premier
Cleans Waterline
Leaf Bag
Dual Stabilizer
3 Year Warranty
No Restocking Fee
30 Day Trial
Shop Now Buy Buy

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Specifications

Waterline Cleaning No
Wall Climbing Yes
Dual Stabilizer No
Number of Motors 2
Gallons Filtered Per Hour 4500 GPH
Filter Types Top Access
Pool Coverage Floor and Walls
Pool Types In Ground
Pool Size 40 ft
Pool Shapes Rectangle, Oval, or Freeform
Pool Surfaces Gunite, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Liner
Cable Length 60 ft
Anti-Tangle Swivel Yes
Obstacle Avoidance Steps, Ladder, Drain Cover, Ledges, Pop-Ups
Warranty 2.5 Years
Brand Dolphin
Manufacturer Maytronics
Part Number 99996403-PCF

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Nautilus CC Plus Accessories

Dolphin Universal Caddy

Easily transport your Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus with the Dolphin Universal Caddy. Fits any Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

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