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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

What is Wall Climbing?

Wall Climbing

Scrub the Floors and Walls

Wall Climbing

What is wall climbing in a pool robot?

Wall climbing in a robotic pool cleaner is the ability to clean and climb the walls of your pool. This feature is commonly found on in-ground or above ground cleaners and helps provide additional cleaning coverage, however please note that it is not full pool coverage. A robot with only wall climbing will miss the most dirtiest part of your swimming pool: the Waterline.

Waterline Cleaning vs Wall Climbing

Waterline cleaning and wall climbing are often mistaken for the same thing, but they're not. Let's define and draw a distinction between the two:

  • Waterline Cleaning - The robot will reach the waterline and move horizontally scrubbing the Waterline, doing the dirty work for you. Waterline cleaning includes wall climbing, so keep that in mind when looking at pool robots.
  • Wall Climbing - The robot will climb the mid-portion of the walls, but won't scrub the top of the walls where the waterline is, as it will avoid this area entirely. Wall climbing does not include waterline cleaning.
Dolphin Premier Waterline Cleaning
Clean where most robots won't. The waterline.

Waterline cleaning is the advanced and upgraded feature. Found primarily on Gen 2 pool robots, such as the Dolphin ProLine models, Waterline Cleaning is an essential feature if you're looking into purchasing a robotic pool cleaner.

The Dolphin Sigma's Powerful Waterline Cleaning Ability

Waterline Cleaning is missing on many popular Dolphin robots, such as the Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. These robots often lack the essential features needed to scrub the waterline as they often are missing commercial-grade motors, dual stabilizers, or PowerJet 3D Mobility. Not to mention, these missing features often affect the performance of the robot in other areas as well, such as filtration ability.

Why You Need Both

The Dolphin Premier's Advanced Waterline Cleaning

When it comes to pool coverage, wall climbing alone cannot get the job done. Without waterline cleaning, your pool robot won't be able to clean the entire pool and you'll be left to manually scrub the waterline by hand. Previous generations of robots

Top Wall Climbing Robots (Ranked)

Both waterline cleaning and wall climbing are essential for nearly all in-ground pool owners. If it fits in your budget, a robot with waterline cleaning and wall climbing is the way to go. With increased performance, waterline cleaning robots outperform their counterparts. In this list, we rank our Top 10 Best Wall Climbing robots for you to check out. The difference is night and day. See why so many pool owners prefer robots with both wall climbing and waterline cleaning.

  1. Dolphin Premier - Recommended ProLine Model & Includes Waterline Cleaning
  2. Dolphin Sigma - Recommended ProLine Model & Includes Waterline Cleaning
  3. Dolphin Quantum - Recommended ProLine Model & Includes Waterline Cleaning
  4. Dolphin Cayman - Recommended Max-Series Model
  5. Blue Helix One - Includes Waterline Cleaning
  6. Dolphin Explorer E70 - Includes Waterline Cleaning
  7. Dolphin Explorer E50 - Includes Waterline Cleaning
  8. Dolphin Explorer E30 - Includes Waterline Cleaning
  9. Dolphin E20
  10. Dolphin Liberty 200 Cordless

Dolphin Waterline Cleaning Robots

Here are some of the Top Dolphin waterline cleanning models. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us and our pool experts can help pick the perfect pool robot for your swimming pool.

Why Shop Poolbots?

Dolphin Premier Wall Climbing
Avoid the Restocking Fee. Only Shop Platinum Dealers.

Your pool robot purchase is only as good as the company that sells it. Finding the right robotic cleaner for your pool can be a daunting task. Pool robots are one of the largest investment you’ll make for your pool. Online retailers know this, and they do not liking returning the money you’ve handed over. Many online retailers advertise easy returns but hide the fact that they charge a hefty restocking fee. One buyer wrote in to us about this exact experience, after being hit with a 20% fee, and that's why it's important to look for "No Restocking Fee" when shopping for pool cleaners. While Amazon is a popular choice for pool cleaners, it's important to read the fine print and be aware of the potential for hidden fees. About 90% of pool robots sold on Amazon have a 20% restocking fee. Don't get taken advantage of - look for "No Restocking Fee" when shopping online. This will give you confidence that you can make the purchase without worrying about hidden costs.


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What's Next?

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