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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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Our Largest Filter Ever.

Dolphin MaxBin Robots

Easy to Clean & Maximum capacity

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Go Big with MaxBin™ Filters

The Max Series is differentiated from all other robotic pool cleaners by MaxBin, a second-generation update to the standard filters. These massively sized debris bins is a major change in the design and size of the filters. The twin smaller filters have been replaced by a massive top-loading debris bin.

According to the engineers that designed it, MaxBin was direct result of consumer feedback. Earlier models like the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus relied on two smaller filters and six total parts. Those parts required disassembly of each filter to clean. It was always a pain point. For the first time ever, there is now nothing to disassemble. This next gen design reduces the number of steps to clean the robot and speeds up cleaning by 80%. The new design makes emptying the debris less messy because the number of touch points during cleaning has been reduced from six to just one.

Clean with Ease.

No more struggling to clean a pool cleaner. Cleaning a Max Series robot has been reduced to just seconds. In fact, you can clean the filtration bin using just one hand. Lift the top panel and a convenient handle pops up. Turn the bin upside down and debris effortlessly falls out, leaving you with an empty bin in mere seconds. No more messy, time-consuming clean-ups.

You don’t need to get your hands dirty emptying this vacuum. With the previous generation Dolphin filters, the pool owner had to open two smaller cartridges and touch six parts. Each one may require spraying off with the water hose. This can be a messy process. Engineers added a single trap door in the Max Series top-loading robots. Simply open with an easy one handed motion and a convenient handle pops up. Grab and empty the MaxBin by dumping the contents. If there’s fine debris, a quick spray with the water hose will remove the small particulate.

Dolphin MaxBin One-Click
Dolphin Escape Pool Robot

Next-Gen Filtration

Over the last five years, the dedicated engineers at Maytronics have been tirelessly refining the Dolphin line of robots, aiming for perfection. Now, they stand on the cusp of achieving their long-sought objective, and it comes in the form of the groundbreaking Dolphin Max-Series. This second generation of Dolphin robots represents the culmination of the knowledge and experience gained from its predecessors. The Max-Series not only embodies the success of the past but also envisions a promising future for robotic technology.

50-100% Larger.
1000% Easier.

At the heart of this innovative series lies the cutting-edge MaxBin filter technology. Designed to revolutionize the cleaning efficiency, the MaxBin filter is a breakthrough advancement that ensures unparalleled performance in pool cleaning. With its state-of-the-art filtration capabilities, the Dolphin Max Series promises to deliver crystal-clear water while capturing even the finest debris.

Dolphin MaxBin NanoFilter
Dolphin MaxBin for Escape

Impressively Big.
Impossibly Easy.

The Dolphin Max Series is the result of continuous improvement and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotic pool cleaning. Maytronics' relentless pursuit of excellence has led to a robotic marvel that surpasses all expectations. The past achievements have served as a solid foundation, and the Dolphin Max Series is a testament to the continuous progress and vision of a brighter, cleaner future.

Innovative Bin Design

A Leap Ahead

The Max Series is differentiated from the other Dolphin cleaners by MaxBin, a game-changing update to Dolphin robots. The leap ahead is found in the design of the filters. The twin smaller filters have been replaced by a massive top-loading debris bin. MaxBin forever changes how you dispose of the dirt, debris and leaves.

Dolphin Quantum MaxBin with NanoFilters

Dolphin Robots with MaxBins™

NanoFilters™ capture fine dirt and debris that passes through the standard filters

The NanoFilter™ MaxBin™

For the first time ever, experince the power and performance of a MaxBin™ with NanoFilters. The Nanofilter's advanced particulate filtration system effectively prevents the circulation of impurities within the water you swim in. Among all filters, Nanofilters stand alone in their ability to eliminate oil. As oil gets captured by the Nanofilter, it creates a see-through covering around the trapped particles. During the cleaning process, this combination is eliminated, offering a valuable technique for enhancing water clarity and transparency. The pleated Nanofilters offer an elevated level of filtration, resulting in water that is exceptionally clear and refined. The typical cloudy look of pool water, caused by minute suspended elements, proves to be no challenge for the remarkable Nanofiltration technology.

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A New Benchmark

The difference is clear. With the Dolphin Max-Series, Maytronics has gone to a whole new level for their 2024 robotic pool cleaners. The new second-generation filters are here. The easy-to-clean and powerful MaxBin™ with NanoFilters™ leaves the old design in the dust. Built for cleaning leaves and debris, see for yourself why so many pool owners perfer MaxBin™ Technology.

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Dolphin Quantum's MaxBin

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