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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

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    Leaf Pump 1500

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    • Maximum Speeds + Maximum Efficiency - It's a fact. Pool pumps consume electricity at a rate that is second to only air conditioning units. Fortunately, Leaf Pump technology is helping pools enter a new era of energy efficiency. "Efficiency" pool pumps of the past required nearly 2,000 watts of power. Enter the digital variable frequency drive (VFD) - the cutting-edge technology behind the Leaf Pump. Leaf Pump features an industry proven 3-Phase AC motor like those used in electric cars. 3 phase motors have inherently higher efficiency, superior starting torque, and superior reliability. Now you can select the optimal flow rate from 3,200 speeds - a feature that helps Leaf save up to 90%.
    • Intelligent Design + Best in Class Warranty - First generation variable speed pool pumps have onboard VFDs that are mounted directly on the motor. But reliability suffered as heat, moisture and vibration did a number on sensitive electronics . [Google variable speed + poor warranty + unrepairable] Leaf Pump's blueprint doesn't look like anything that has come before - a top rated, remote located VFD. Unlike other variable speed pumps, Leaf Pumps are protected with a 3-year best in class warranty.
    • Location = Longevity - Mounting your pump's microprocessor on top of your motor would be like mounting your car's microprocessor on top of it's motor. Best practices in industry require that VFDs are remotely mounted. Every Leaf Pump features a VFD totally enclosed in an outdoor rated NEMA enclosure for maximum protection, superior cooling and longer life. Sensitive microprocessors are protected from the heat, moisture, and vibration of the motor. Leaf Pumps may cost a bit more , but the performance, warranty and peace of mind are unmatched. Leaf Pump features a time tested and proven 3-Phase AC motor like those used in electric cars. 3 phase motors have inherently higher efficiency, superior torque, and improved reliability.
    • Reduce Energy Costs to Up to 90%
    • 2 Year Warranty

    Condition: New

    Leaf Pump 1500 Product Details

    The World's Most Efficient Pool Pump

    At just 21 watts on most efficient speed and 3 watts during standby, it’s the lowest average ever. And it’s certified by Energy Star. Built-In Controls with three programmable presets, a bright LED and simplified push-button keypad allow you to easily control pump speed and run time.

    Ecopump Energy Efficient Pool Pump
    Improve Pool Water Chemistry

    Protect Your Pool

    Due to excessive energy requirements, numerous pool proprietors have found themselves compelled to curtail their conventional pool pump's operational duration—frequently limiting it to merely 4-8 hours daily. Inactivity in water provides an ideal environment for the proliferation of bacteria and algae, necessitating heightened chemical treatment. Healthy water is water in motion. By mitigating water stagnation, you can uphold a cleaner pool environment, as exemplified by the continuous 24-hour operation of the Leaf Pump, which incurs nearly the same expense as running a single-speed pump for a mere 1 hour.

    Enhance water quality by opting for extended Leaf Pump usage, which facilitates prolonged chemical filtration and circulation. Minimize the strain on all pool equipment by alleviating water pressure. Observe how the Leaf Pump outperforms its competitors in furnishing supreme efficiency and water quality. This results in a pool that's cleaner, healthier, and ensures optimal return on investment.

    EPM Magnet Efficiency

    The Leaf Pump employs ECM permanent magnet technology, making it a variable speed pump renowned for its superior motor energy efficiency. In comparison to conventional pool pumps, variable speed pumps provide a host of advantages. The principles of fluid dynamics, as outlined by the Affinity Law, establish that a slight decrease in speed yields a substantial reduction in energy consumption. By harnessing this principle, we have developed an unparalleled variable speed pool pump in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings. Through the Leaf Pump, we achieve the capability to operate at lower motor speeds, all while maintaining effective pool water circulation. Notably, this lower speed operation allows for continuous pump usage, ensuring optimal water circulation.

    Leaf Pump Impeller
    Leaf Pump for In-Ground Pools

    Simple Onboard Controls

    Built-In Controls with a bright LED and simplified push-button keypad allow you to easily control the pump speed and run time. The 24-hour programmable controller allows you to set the three presets from 600 – 3450 RPM. And external control options are compatible with virtually all third-party automation. With built-in freeze protection that automatically turns on when the temperature falls below 39˚ and NEMA Type 3R environmental rating to protect from the elements, operating is simple and worry-free.

    2 Year Warranty

    While the majority of variable speed pool pumps offer a mere one-year warranty, Leaf sets itself apart by featuring a standard 2-year limited warranty. This extended protection ensures the safeguarding of your investment as well as your pool over an extended period. Designed with a strong emphasis on dependability, Leaf represents a variable speed pump that has been meticulously constructed to adhere to the highest standards. This meticulous engineering guarantees the creation of an exceptionally reliable and efficient pump, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

    Leaf Pump 1500 Specifications

    Pump Type: Self-Priming Centrifugal
    Impeller/diffuser: Glass-Filled NORYL
    Pump Seal: High Grade Carbon/Graphite/316 Stainless Steel
    Strainer basket: Sturdy Oversized 2.1 L Single-Piece
    Port size: 2” Inlet and Outlet with Unions
    Shaft material: Stainless Steel
    Material: UV Stabilized Thermoplastic
    Motor: 1.65 HP
    Motor speeds: 600 to 3,450 RPM
    Motor presets: 3 Programmable Presets
    Max amps: 10
    Electrical input: 230 Volts, Single Phase Input via VFD (20 amp Breaker Recommended)
    Motor cooling: Internally Fan Cooled, Thermal Overload Protection
    Freeze Protection: Automatically Turns Pump On at 39°
    Noise Level: Ultra Quiet - Meets FCC Part 15 Class B
    Built in Controls: Simplified, Bright LED Keypad with 24-Hour Control Speed and Run Duration
    External control options: Digital Inputs Compatible with Virtually all Third-Party Automation
    Weather Rating: NEMA Type 3R Environmental Rating - Does Not Require an Enclosure
    Warranty: Best-In-Class 2 Year Limited Warranty

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