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Which is the better automatic pool robot?

Aiper vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

Cordless vs Corded Pool Robots

Aiper vs Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners

With our in-house pool experts testing the newest 2024 pool robot models, we'll dive in and compare the features, models, and warranties. The comparison between Aiper and Maytronics in the robotic pool cleaner industry points to stark contrasts in product quality, customer satisfaction, and after-sales service.

We’ll share some insights but if you need any help along the way, contact us and our team of pool experts can help you decide which pool robot fits for your pool.

Testing the Aiper Seagull 600
Testing the Aiper Seagull 600

About Aiper Pool Cleaners

Aiper is a relatively new entrant in the pool cleaning industry but has quickly gained popularity due to its focus on cordless pool robots. Since 2017, the Chinese based brand prides itself on creating pool robots that are easy to use, efficient, and free from the limitations that cords can impose. However, without a constant supply of endless power like their corded cousins, these robots have some inherent disadvantages when compared to the corded models.

About Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Dolphin, by Maytronics, is a well-established name in the pool cleaning sector, known for its wide range of pool robots suitable for different pool types and sizes. Since 1983, Maytronics has been focusing on innovative pool technologies. Dolphin pool robots are known for their cleaning capabilities, energy efficiency, and durability. With a focus on providing a thorough clean, Dolphin's products come with advanced features such as smart navigation, multiple cleaning modes, and the ability to handle various types of debris. From inground, above ground, cordless, and even commercial, Dolphin offers a wide selection.

Dolphin Cayman Wall Cleaning
Robots such as the Dolphin Cayman have the ability to clean your pool walls

Product Quality and Performance

Aiper Product Quality and Performance

The brand advertises smart navigation and hassle-free cleaning at an affordable price. However, customers report significant discrepancies between the expectation and actual product performance. Cleaners being non-functional on arrival, and premature product failures are not uncommon.

Some customers report receiving products that starkly differ from what's advertised. A glaring example is the Aiper Seagull Pro, where customers expecting a high-end model allegedly received a lower-end version, infamous for a recall due to fire hazards.

Dolphin Product Quality and Performance

Known for its Dolphin line, Maytronics has developed deep technical efficiency of its pool cleaners. The products are reputed to be reliable and effective in cleaning, aligning closely with the brand's claims and customer expectations.

Corded vs Cordless Pool Robot Debate

The choice between corded and cordless pool robots is significant. Cordless models might make sense if you don’t have an outlet anywhere near the pool. On the other hand, corded models can constantly clean without the need to charge, allowing them to clean up to a full week without intervention. This makes Dolphin a better choice for inground and pools with a lot of debris, as they can be ran daily without ever walking out to the pool.

The concept of cordless models is often intriguing as they cost less and appear to have an advantage. The problem is most buyers don’t realize the features and cleaning power they are giving up. Here is a quick summary of the differences between the two:

  • Cordless Pool Robots Have Weaker Motors
  • Cordless Pool Robots Have Batteries that have to be recharged daily
  • Cordless Pool Robots are time intensive as they must be maintained twice per day. Once to remove battery for charging. Once to replace battery and turn on.
  • Cordless Pool Robots offer little to no automation

Dolphin vs Aiper Motors

The more power the motor, the higher the flow rate and suction power. A robotic pool cleaner can act as a secondary pool filter, especially if paired with the pool robot filters. After testing Aiper and Dolphin in a swimming pool, our pool experts instantly recognized the raw difference in power. While Aiper units such as the Aiper Seagull SE and Aiper Scuba SE only push 1320 gallons per hour (GPH) and 1200 GPH per Aiper's website, Dolphin units such as the Dolphin Escape or Dolphin Cayman filter over 4000 GPH per Maytronics. That’s a difference of 3-4 times the power.

Are cordless or corded pool robots better?

A corded pool cleaner provides more power and filtration, as many corded robots filter over 4000 GPH. Corded robotic pool cleaners are designed with larger, more powerful DC motors often giving them more power than their cordless battery-operated counterparts. These cleaners can perform better when it comes to cleaning and vacuuming tough algae, debris, and leaves in your swimming pool. In addition, corded robots offer a higher level of automated scheduling that is not available on cordless robots.

Dolphin Liberty 200 Cordless
Dolphin Liberty 200 Cordless Pool Robot

Both brands offer cordless pool robots. Dolphin offers the new Liberty series which includes the Dolphin Liberty 200. However, the majority (approximately 97%) of Dolphin pool cleaners sold are corded models. These models are often equipped with larger motors, more filter options, and a longer warranty.

Aiper, on the other hand, offers primarily cordless robotic cleaners. From the popular Seagull models to the new Scuba robots, these robots give up the power cord and utilize a small battery as a power source. So let's dive in further comparing Dolphin to Aiper.

Dolphin Premier Commercial-Grade Motors
Dolphin Premier's Dual DC Motors

Commercial-Grade Motors

Select Dolphin pool robots even use commercial-grade motors, such as the Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Sigma. With the Premier even being selected as the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for 2024 by USA Today, Dolphin produces some of the strongest motors in the robotic pool cleaner industry. Boasting over 4500 GPH, these ProLine™ models are two of the best robotic pool cleaners based upon our testing.

Aiper Battery Life

One of the main concerns from pool owners has been the Aiper battery life. These robots can only clean for a short while before they’ll need a recharge. Compared to corded Dolphin models, the daily hassle of charging can get tedious for many pool owners. The cordless models typically lack all automation features, as you must intervene with the robot not once but twice per day to keep it running.

Aiper Elite Pro Recall
Over 22,000 Aiper Elite Pro Recalled in August 2023

Aiper Battery Recall

Potential buyers may be concerned with the lastest recall on Aiper batteries by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall.

As of August 2023, over 22,000 Aiper Elite Pro units were recalled due to burn and fire risk. This occured when the charging cord is plugged into the device without the adapter and/or directly into the charging port on the machine, as the battery can overheat and short circuit, posing burn and fire hazards.

Read more on the Aiper Elite Pro Recall

Aiper Seagull SE
Aiper Seagull SE runs for 1.5 hours and charges for 3 hours according to the manufacturer

Daily Charging

Aiper pool cleaners have to be charged every day. With a charging time of 3-4 hours+ according to Aiper (with some users reporting even longer), Aiper pool cleaners spend more time charging than actually cleaning. This requires at least two interactions daily to keep up with cleaning in your pool. After considering the twice per day hassle and the lower power, it simply isn't worth the trade-off of being cordless.


A big advantage of Dolphin pool robots vs Aiper is the level of automation. Corded Dolphin models aren't limited to a battery life. Dolphin robots can clean as many cycles in a day as you want. Thanks to a constant supply of power, Dolphin are able to clean on a daily basis without the robot ever coming out of the pool.

Dolphin Programmable Weekly Timers

Dolphin robots with a weekly timer can be programmed to run daily with no intervention at all. These robots will automatically start and clean your pool every day. All you have to do is empty the basket or cartridges at the end of the week or when at capacity. With select robots having Media-Alert™, such as the Dolphin Premier, it even alerts you when it is time to clean the filters.

Dolphin Premier Waterline Cleaning
Anti-Tangle Swivels

Do Dolphin pool robots get tangled?

Anti-Tangle Swivel prevent cords from getting tangled. With the ability to swivel 360 degrees, the Dolphin can navigate, clean, vacuum, and scrub your pool without any worry of getting tangled.

Pool Cleaning Coverage

Dolphin pool robots are known for their ability to climb and clean the walls & waterline. Aiper's models, while effective at floor cleaning, may not offer the same level of wall-climbing capabilities as Dolphin but are continuously improving in technology and coverage.

Dolphin Premier Waterline Cleaning
Clean where most robots won't - the waterline.

Aiper vs Dolphin Pool Coverage

When it comes to waterline cleaning and pool coverage, Dolphin pool robots are more advanced. While some Aiper pool robots are limited to the pool floors, many Dolphin pool cleaners will clean, scrub, and vacuum the walls of your pool. The top robots will have waterline cleaning, like seen in the ProLine™.

Wheels vs Tracks

A big difference between Dolphin and Aiper is the use of tracks vs wheels. Dolphin robots utilize tracks, which allows more grip and traction. This can be a big advantage when it comes to cleaning performance in a robotic pool cleaner. With more grip, comes more power delivery, allowing your pool robot to clean deeper. While some Aiper utilizes wheels, select newer models do use tracks.

Aiper Seagull 1000 Wheel
Aiper Seagull 1000 Wheel

These wheels, as shown on the Aiper Seagull 1000, simply spin as the robot gets propelled through the water. They may loosely spin, but are not directly powered by a motor.

Dolphin E10 Tracks
Dolphin E10's Tracks

As shown above on the Dolphin E10, Dolphin's emphasis on tracks for maneuvering aligns with their broader approach to pool cleaning technology, emphasizing thorough coverage and the ability to tackle a wide range of debris. This Dolphin Explorer Series model is able to grip the pool floors better than traditional wheels.

Scrubbing Brushes

Some Aiper pool robots do not include a rotating scrubbing brush. Some cleaners such as the Aiper Seagull SE have a static brush that pops in the bottom, but it lacks an active scrubbing brush.

Newer Aiper models, such as the select Scuba series, do now include scrubbing brushes.

Dolphin robots come standard with rotating scrubbing brushes. These brushes actively scrub and dislodge debris that is vacuumed up. Robots in the Max-Series™ have HyperBrushes™, that scrub 2 times the speed of the unit - unlocking a deeper clean for your swimming pool.


When stacked against the Dolphin brand made by Maytronics, Aiper's shortcomings become even more glaring. Brands like Dolphin and Polaris have set high standards in both product quality and customer service, areas where Aiper markedly falls behind. The Maytronics / Dolphin brand offers more reliable and efficient cleaning solutions, backed by responsive customer support, highlighting one part of what consumers miss out on with Aiper.

In summary, while Aiper offers low cost options, it struggles with product reliability and customer service issues. Maytronics, with its Dolphin brand, stands out for its reliable products and solid customer service, setting a high benchmark in the industry. This comparison underscores the importance of not just product quality, but also effective customer support and service in building and maintaining a brand’s reputation in the competitive market of home automation and maintenance.

Despite its significant presence in the market, Aiper’s reputation is marred by customer complaints and negative feedback regarding its products and service. The brand's future depends on significant improvements in technology, customer service, and transparent communication.

Maytronics enjoys a positive reputation, bolstered by its reliable products and strong customer service. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and after-sales service contributes significantly to its favorable standing in the market.

Are Aiper or Dolphin pool robots better?

According to our testing, Dolphin pool robots are the better robotic pool cleaners thanks to their more powerful motors, superior cleaning ability, better filters, and longer warranty. This makes a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner a better investment for your swimming pool. While a cordless model may sound intriguing, they will often be lower powered and require more daily interaction. Limited by battery-life, Aiper pool cleaners require more work than a fully automated robotic pool cleaner.

If you want to check out our top picks for each brand, read the best Dolphin pool cleaners and best Aiper pool robots

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