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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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    Spectralight UV SL-600

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    • UV 2.0 Ultra High Output Lamps deliver 4x the power of standard high output lamps for pristine water quality.
    • Industrial Graphite Housing with titanium dioxide for maximum UV resistance
    • InteliVolt Electronic Ballasts feature solid-state engineering for maximum efficiency. Weather protected & fused.
    • Intelligent Design means each unit can be disassembled with no tools.
    • Long life lamp is rated for 13,000 hours of continuous use

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    Spectralight UV SL-600 Product Details

    Less Chemicals = Healthier Pool

    It's no suprise that less chemicals is better for you and your family's health. With a SpectraLight UltraViolet (UV) Pool Light, eliminate chlorine by-products and lower chlorine levels by harnessing the power of ultraviolet light - allowing you to have a safe, healthy, and easier to manage pool.

    SpectraLight UV Light Technology
    SpectraLight UV Light Close Up

    Reduce Chemicals by 90%

    SpectraLight's triple-action approach disrupts the harmful loop of pool chemicals. The UV pool systems dismantle over 99.5% of potential pathogens that could infiltrate your swimming pool. The pivotal work is accomplished by SpectraLight UV, significantly reducing the need for chemicals by as much as 90%. This process ensures the removal of hazardous chloramines and other by-products of disinfection, guaranteeing a safe elimination.

    What are the Experts Saying About UV?

    "Lower free chlorine concentrations (.5 mg/l) may be health protective when UV is used."

    World Health Organization

    "UV systems are the strongest oxidizers available to pool operators."

    Professional Pool Operators of America

    "Ideally, UV disinfection would be the gold standard and we'll move toward that."

    Davis Country Health Department

    How Ultraviolet Light works in a Swimming Pool

    Based on a forward-thinking blueprint for the pool and spa industry, SpectraLight emerged. Drawing inspiration from the treatment methods used in municipal drinking water systems, the science underpinning SpectraLight Ultraviolet was developed. This involves the utilization of a potent UV-C germicidal light ray, characterized by its high intensity, to pinpoint the DNA and RNA of various microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, algae, parasites, and cysts.

    SpectraLight Swimming Pool UV Light

    Simple Setup

    In approximately half an hour, you can have SpectraLight set up effortlessly through a three-step installation process. By seamlessly linking SpectraLight UV sterilizers between your current pool filter and the water line that feeds back into the pool, integration is a breeze. This compatibility extends to all types of swimming pools, encompassing even salt water pools.

    Spectralight UV SL-600 Specifications

    For Pools Up To To accurately size ultraviolet systems, the flow rate of your pool or spa should be estimated. You may contact SpectraLight or request a quote for sizing assistance.
    Recommend Flow The SL-600 is typically matched with a pool circulation pump that moves water at 93 - 187 GPM. The lower the flow rate, the higher the UV dosage applied to the pool's water. Since you cannot overdose UV, units may be upsized.
    Power The SL-600 delivers approximately 30,000 mJ of power at a water flow rate of 187 GPM. It will deliver approximately 60,000 mJ of power at a flow rate of 93 GPM.
    Voltage Available in 110V or 220V
    Watts 150 Watts
    Item Size Length: 42"
    Warranty Years
    Brand Spectralight

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