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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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    EcoPump EP-2

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    • The EcoPool EP2 is the world's first ultra-efficient pool pump with electron condensor technology. Breakthrough condensor technology stores electrons in a dielectric until the power is called upon.
    • Beats the ROI on Variable Rate Pool Pumps. Until now...pool owners have had to choose between affordability and energy efficiency. Regular single speed and two speed pumps are inexpensive, but they are power hogs, using 2,000 watts of power or more. Variable speed pumps with complicated electronic circuits are efficient but reliablity is low and costs are high. Those complicated electronic circuits are known to fail prematurely and repairs can be as much as a new pump. EcoPump is ultra-efficient, yet simple - no expensive digital controller is required. However, it's still compatible with most controllers if you already have one.
    • All Pool Pumps Should Run 24 Hours Per Day for Best Water Quality.  Now you can run your pump twice as long, for half the cost. In the past, many pool owners ran their pumps just 4-8 hours per day to reduce their electric bill. That is great for utility bills, but 16-20 hours of stagnant water is not good for water quality. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.
    • Recommended for Swimming Pools up to 12,000 Gallons
    • Best-in-class 3 Year Warranty

    Condition: New

    EcoPump EP-2 Product Details

    Reduce your Electric Bill up to 85%

    Only a short while back, pool pumps labeled as "energy efficient" still consumed a substantial 1,600 - 2,000 watts of electricity. Surprisingly, the most significant potential for reducing power usage doesn't lie within your air conditioning unit, but rather in your pool pump. Making the switch to EcoPump's energy efficient pool pumps has the potential to result in savings exceeding $1,000 per year when compared to conventional pool pumps.

    Ecopump Energy Efficient Pool Pump
    Improve Pool Water Chemistry

    The Foundation of Healthy Pool Water

    It's common knowledge that maintaining water movement leads to healthier water conditions. The current costs of electricity are compelling numerous pool proprietors to significantly curtail their pump's daily operational duration. Operating periods have, for some, dwindled to merely 4 – 8 hours each day. While this undoubtedly benefits the monthly utility expenses, it comes at the cost of water quality degradation. Stationary water becomes a thriving environment for the proliferation of bacteria and algae, consequently elevating the need for chemical treatments. Moreover, introducing chemicals into the pool becomes a challenge or even unfeasible during pump downtime. The solution lies in EcoPump's energy-efficient pool pumps, which allow extended operation at a lower cost. Many owners opt to run the EcoPump non-stop, 24/7, resulting in reduced chemical reliance and the attainment of optimal water quality.

    Best-In-Class Efficiency

    Advanced condensors briefly store electrons in dielectrics until the power is called upon. When the motor rotates into the optimal position, the stored energy is released, boosting the energy transferred to the impeller. The result is excellent, smooth-running performance, ultra-efficiency, cooler operating temperatures and longer life.

    Ecopump Pump for In-Ground Pools

    Simple Setup

    EcoPump is designed to easily replace your existing pool pump. No complicated and expensive controller is required. EcoPump is versatile. It even works with a simple 3-way switch. A simple 3-position switch is all it takes to control the circulate, vacuum and off positions. But EcoPump also works with an existing two-speed timer or any third-party automation controller. No matter what type of existing setup you have, EcoPump energy efficient pool pumps are simple and easy to integrate.

    EcoPump EP-2 Specifications

    For Pools Up To 12,000 Gallons or Under
    Variable Horsepower .75 HP to .1 HP
    Voltage 230v
    Amps 6.0 on Vacuum Setting, 1.0 on Circulate Setting
    Kilowatts Used 0.322 (compare to 2.139 for typical pool pump)
    Intake and Discharge Size 2" FTP Intake and Discharge
    Compliancy California Title 20 Compliant
    Item Size 10" wide x 11.75" tall x 25.5" long
    Warranty 3 Years
    Brand EcoPump

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