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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Dolphin Premier vs Sigma

The Dolphin Premier and Sigma are pinnacles of robotic cleaners. Two of the best values and performance, they can tackle everything from leaves, algae, debris, twigs, bugs, and so much more in your pool.

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Dolphin Premier vs Dolphin Sigma


Hey guys, it’s Joshua with, and today we are comparing two of our favorite robotic pool cleaners: the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier. These are by far the best pool cleaners available, so you can't go wrong with either. But both have strengths that may make one a better choice for your pool. And if you’d like even more in-depth information on either robot, be sure to check out our full-length reviews of each!


So let’s look at the similarities that make both the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier premium robotic pool cleaners. First and most importantly, both of these robots can clean all of your pool, including the waterline, which is the most important part of any swimming pool for a pool robot to clean. They can deliver such a strong clean across all pool surfaces because of their dual stabilizers, Hypergrip tracks, anti-tangle swivels, and front and rear brushes. Although there is a difference in the brushes, which we’ll talk more about later.

The Hypergrip tracks help both cleaners cling to the pool floors and walls, and their dual stabilizers act as a counterweight to add the extra buoyancy needed to stick to and deeply clean the waterline. This is why units like the Dolphin CC Plus can’t clean the waterline, because without a stabilizer, nothing is keeping them from falling off the wall. While other units like the CC Plus may be tempting for their lower costs, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run with the surprising lack of cleaning coverage, features, and missing 3-year warranty.


Now let’s turn to the differences and specialties of the Dolphin Sigma and Dolphin Premier.

Filter Media Options

The first major difference to note is in each robot’s filter media options. The Sigma comes with two filter media options: fine and ultra-fine. The fine filters will do a good job collecting the most commonly found debris types. The ultra-fine filter will also filter algae and micro bacteria as small as 2 microns out of your pool water. This means if you have an average pool, or a pool prone to cloudy water, the Sigma is a great choice.

If your pool has a lot of trees nearby and gets a lot of leaves, we recommend the Dolphin Premier over the Sigma because of its MultiMedia system. You’ll get an oversized debris bag and disposable debris bag. On top of this, the Premier also comes with fine and ultra-fine cartridges, so you won’t miss the finer debris either. This is a grand total of 4 filter media choices! That’s a feature you won’t find in any other robotic pool cleaner. The Premier definitely wins the filter media category with its Multimedia Filtration.


The next difference we think is important is each unit's mobility. Both units may cover all of your pool floor efficiently, the Dolphin Sigma comes with a highly sensitive gyroscope that detects location and orientation, split spinning brushes, a third motor, and Smart Nav 3.0, which work together to provide a level of clean only found previously on commercial pool robots.

The motors and split spinning brushes work together to help the Sigma move more quickly and turn on a dime, all while providing more power to the brushes so they can deeply scrub the pool surface. The Smart Nav 3.0 and Gyroscope work together to monitor the robot’s position closely, so it can create a clear map of your pool and deliver a detailed cleaning. The Sigma is the newest flagship residential robotic pool cleaner with an onboard gyroscope.

Power Supply Options

The final difference is the power supply option for each robot. The Dolphin Premier comes with a weekly scheduler and full filter bag indicator on its power supply, so you can schedule cleanings and know when its filter needs to be emptied. If you purchase the Premier’s optional remote, you get two cleaning cycle options, as well as the ability to drive the robot from the remote control.

The Sigma, on the other hand, only has a simple on and off power supply because it can connect to your phone, where you will find an advanced weekly scheduler, cleaning type options, a manual control function, and more. This means you can truly customize your pool’s cleaning all from the comfort of your couch.


In the end, both robots are great choices, but if you have a wide variety of debris in your pool, especially large leaves or pine needles, the Dolphin Premier is the best choice for you. If you want a robot with the best mobility and cleaning available, as well as an app that lets you connect and customize your pool cleaning without having to go outside, go with the Dolphin Sigma.

As always, you can read real reviews and learn more about the Dolphin Premier, Dolphin Sigma, and dozens of other robotic pool cleaners at Visit our website to find the best deals, tips, and tricks for pool ownership, and special buys that’ll help you enjoy your pool to its full potential.

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