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What is the Best Aiper robot?

Best Aiper Pool Cleaners for 2024

Top Cordless Battery-Operated Aiper Pool Robots

Best Aiper Pool Cleaners for 2024

For pool owners, a robotic pool cleaner can be a game-changer, streamlining the maintenance process and ensuring your pool is always ready for a swim. Aiper stands out with its versatile range of cordless robotic cleaners suited for every type of swimming pool. Whether you have an inground or an above ground pool, Aiper has a robot for your needs. With so many different models to choose from, our pool experts have diligently curated a list of the best Aiper pool robots for 2024.

As always if you need help finding a pool robot, contact our pool experts and we can help you find the right cleaner for your pool's needs.

Joshua testing the Aiper 600
Testing the Aiper Seagull 600

About Aiper

With a primary focus on cordless pool robots, Aiper pool cleaners have been growing in popularity. Starting in 2017, Aiper pool robots are made in China and are avaliable online across various retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others. Before diving into the top Aiper models for 2024, let's dive into a few things you should know.

Aiper Elite Pro Recall
Over 22,000 Aiper Elite Pro Recalled in August 2023

Aiper Recalls

Over 20K Aiper Elite Pro Recalled Due to Fire/Burn Risk

In August of 2023, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled over 20,000 Aiper Elite Pro models. The Aiper Elite Pro would overheat and even had "one report of a minor burn to a consumer’s fingertip".

Read more on the Aiper Elite Pro Recall

Cordless vs Corded Pool Robots

If you're new to robotic pool cleaners, cordless models can appear to have a large appeal. But without the ability to automate pool cleanings, that's not the case. While our pool experts recommend it in a few, select circumstances, here are some pros and cons of cordless battery-operated robots.

Benefits of Cordless Models

  • No Cords Needed: Eliminates the risk of the robot getting tangled. Simply charge and go.
  • Often Cheaper: Battery-operated pool robots can be more affordable. Although there are more expensive models available, these robots often save costs by utilizing smaller motors, fewer features, and less sophisticated filters.

Negatives of Cordless Models

  • Battery Life: Aiper batteries last for only one cleaning cycle. For a 90-minute clean, the robot needs to charge for 180 minutes. This can lead to significant frustration, requiring interaction with the robot at least twice a day; once to place it in the pool and once more to remove it for charging.
  • Cheaper Motors: The trade-off for a lower price is that these robots often have less powerful motors. For instance, the Aiper Seagull SE has a flow rate of just 1320 GPH per Aiper's website. In comparison, even the entry-level Dolphin E10 boasts a flow rate of 4000 GPH per Maytronics, significantly impacting performance.
  • No Automation: The lack of automation with cordless pool robots means daily charging and twice-daily handling, which can become tiresome.
  • Cleaning Coverage: Some cordless models only clean the pool floor. Depending on what type of pool you have, you likely will want wall or waterline cleaning.

Benefits of Corded Models

  • Full Automation: Robots with programmable timers can be fully automated. Schedule the robot to run daily, relax, and simply clean the robot's filters at the week's end.
  • Power: Continuous power supply means corded pool robots are more powerful than their battery-operated counterparts. With no drop-off in cleaning performance, they can clean at rates of 4000-4500 GPH+. Certain models, like the ProLine™, even feature commercial-grade motors.
  • Filters: Effective filtration is key to a pool robot's performance. Increased power allows some robots to use advanced filters for deeper cleaning. NanoFiltration™ enables these robots to capture dirt, algae, and other particles that standard mesh filters miss. The Dolphin Premier includes Multi-Media™ and a Leaf Bag for customizable cleaning.

Negatives of Corded Models

  • More of an Investment: A fully automatic pool cleaner represents a significant investment, with prices starting at $600+. However, unlike pressure-side and suction-side cleaners that require an additional booster pump, robotic pool cleaners are all-inclusive, with no extra equipment needed.
  • Corded: The main drawback is the necessity to keep the robot plugged in, which can be limiting if your pool is not within reach of an electrical outlet, even with the use of extension cords. In such cases, a cordless pool robot may be a more suitable option for your pool.

Do we recommend a cordless pool robot?

When compared to their corded cousins, cordless robotic pool cleaners often have more issues than benefits. In our testing, our pool experts found the daily chore of charging became a hassle quickly. The short-lived battery doesn't allow a lot of automation options that make a corded robotic pool cleaner worth the investment. The daily automated cleaning on a robotic pool cleaner is well worth the additional money if you have the budget for one. For around the same price as the mid-tier Aiper units, you can get a automatic pool robot such as the Dolphin Cayman includes a programmable weekly timer, has wall climbing capabilities, and even a 2 year warranty.

Cayman Wall Climbing
Dolphin Cayman Wall Climbing

Best Aiper Pool Robots

However, if you're still looking to purchase an Aiper robotic pool cleaner, we are happy to share our thoughts on some of the top Aiper models for 2024. With the new Aiper Scuba series, we tested each and every Aiper pool robot to see which is the best.

Aiper Seagull SE

Aiper Seagull SE
Aiper Seagull SE

Starting off our list is one of the most popular Aiper pool vacuums, the Aiper Seagull SE. Apart of the popular Aiper Seagull Lineup, the Seagull SE is one of the most affordable options.

The design of the Seagull SE features water propulsion for movement and four wheels with a slight angular rotation for navigation across the pool floor. It's equipped with a simple one-button start and clear LED indicators for ease of operation. However, it's specifically designed for flat floor pools without slopes, which could be a limitation for inground pool owners. The Seagull SE is lightweight and easy to handle, making it a practical choice for those looking for a no-fuss, cheap cleaning solution. It operates silently and efficiently, though it is limited by its capacity and doesn't alert when full​​.

Aiper Seagull SE Filter
Aiper Seagull SE Wheels

For Flat Pools Only

One of the main drawbacks is its performance in pools with slopes or curves, as well as its inability to climb walls. Due to the flat nature of the Aiper Seagull SE, it only bounces around the pool and cannot actively scrub or climb. With only 4 small wheels, it does not utilize tracks that help grip the pool floors. For this reason, we would only consider this robot for above ground pools.

While the Aiper Seagull SE is smaller than nearly every pool robot on the market, we questioned how effective it was, especially with the super small intakes (only 3.5 inches) as shown above. The result? Not super effective in our testing.

Aiper Seagull SE Filter
Aiper Seagull SE Flat Filter

Struggles with Large Debris

A big issue for the Aiper Seagull SE is the ability to clean larger debris. With only a flat filter that holds debris at the bottom of the robot, the intakes are not large enough to hold larger leaves, twigs, and other debris. While it's praised for being a budget-friendly option, users have noted it may struggle with larger debris and doesn't have the capability to notify the user when it's full or if the suction ports are clogged, which can affect its cleaning efficiency​​.

Weak Motors

A lot of the issues stem from the weaker motors. The Aiper Seagull SE's flow rate is only 1320 gallons per hour (GPH). When compared to the Dolphin Escape, the Escape has 3 times the flow rate (4500 GPH according to Maytronics). This makes a large difference when comparing the cleaning performance and ability of a cleaner. The Escape can pickup and clean larger debris, thanks to its dual motors and large MaxBin.

Is the Aiper Seagull SE worth it?

In summary, the Aiper Seagull SE offers a solution for pool cleaning if your budget is strictly under $200, but you would be better off with a true automatic robotic pool cleaner that includes a programmable timer, larger filtration such as a MaxBin, and larger motors. Its limitations in handling diverse pool shapes and larger debris, however, suggest it might be best suited for those with flat-bottomed above-ground pools looking for a straightforward, surface-level clean. But don't expect much more. It cannot handle a large amount of debris compared to other top robotic pool cleaners for 2024

Aiper Seagull 1000

Aiper Seagull 1000 Testing
Aiper Seagull 1000

Cleaning Ability

Although the Aiper Seagull 1000 is marketed with advanced cleaning features, it falls short in several aspects. Users have reported issues with the machine's inability to thoroughly clean all areas of the pool, particularly struggling with corners and stairs. Additionally, there have been instances where the device fails to pick up smaller debris, leading to incomplete cleaning sessions that require manual vacuuming to rectify.

Aiper Seagull 1000 Side
Aiper Seagull 1000 Wheels

Charging Time

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Aiper Seagull 1000 is its inefficient charging to operation ratio. Requiring 5-6 hours of charging for a mere 90 minutes of cleaning time presents a considerable inconvenience. This ratio is less efficient compared to other models in the market, which offer longer cleaning times with shorter or comparable charging periods, making the Seagull 1000 less practical for pool owners with larger pools or those seeking a quick and efficient cleaning solution.

Warranty + Customer Service

The warranty and customer service for the Aiper Seagull 1000 have been a point of contention among users. Numerous customer reviews highlight the difficulty in receiving support or service once the warranty period expires. Furthermore, reports of the device breaking down or malfunctioning in less than a year raise serious concerns about the product's durability and the manufacturer's after-sales support. This lack of reliable customer service and the potential for premature product failure contribute to the overall apprehension regarding the Seagull 1000's value proposition.

Is the Aiper Seagull 1000 worth it?

Considering the issues related to cleaning performance, charging inefficiency, warranty, and customer service, the Aiper Seagull 1000 does not seem to offer a favorable return on investment. The combined drawbacks suggest that consumers might find better value and reliability in other pool cleaners available on the market. Thus, we do not recommend the Aiper Seagull 1000 as a viable option for those seeking an efficient and dependable pool cleaning solution.

Aiper Seagull Plus

Aiper Seagull Plus Testing
Aiper Seagull Plus

Cleaning Ability

The Aiper Seagull Plus is marketed as an upgrade with improved cleaning capabilities. However, our experiences suggest that while it performs adequately in some areas, it falls short in others. Specifically, it struggles with fine debris and algae in our test pool, often leaving parts of the pool inadequately cleaned. This inconsistency can necessitate additional manual cleaning, undermining the convenience that a robotic cleaner should provide.

Charging Time & Battery Life

The charging time for the Aiper Seagull Plus, while comparable to other models in the market, still presents an imbalance between charging duration and operational time. The Aiper Seagull Plus runs for 110 minutes and needs to charge for 150 minutes according to Aiper, which is an improvement over the Aiper Seagull 1000. But, it still leads to down time between cleaning cycles, rather than being able to fully automate cleaning cycles. It may not suit pool owners who prefer a quick turnaround or have larger pools needing more frequent cleanings.

Customer Service + Warranty

A consistent theme in user feedback regarding the Aiper Seagull Plus involves concerns over warranty and customer service. There are reports of difficulties in dealing with customer service for repairs or replacements, particularly after the warranty period has expired. Additionally, instances of the device experiencing technical issues or failures within a short period post-purchase raise questions about its longevity and the manufacturer's commitment to supporting their product.

Is the Aiper Seagull Plus worth it?

In light of the issues highlighted—namely, inconsistent cleaning performance, charging time concerns, and subpar warranty and customer service—the Aiper Seagull Plus may not represent the best investment for those in need of a reliable and efficient pool cleaning solution. The potential for additional manual cleaning efforts, coupled with service and support challenges, suggests that the Aiper Seagull Plus might not meet the expectations or needs of all users. Therefore, based on these factual considerations, we recommend exploring alternative robotic pool cleaners that offer a better balance of performance, reliability, and customer support.

Alternative Robots

If you want to check out some other brands, here are a few of the best robotic pool cleaners of 2024. These robots all have weekly timers that allow the pool robot to run daily. Without the need to charge and with a constant power source, these cleaners are a great automated pool cleaning solution. While they are more of an upfront investment, our pool experts agree it is well worth it.

Dolphin Cayman

A corded solution, the Dolphin Cayman offers full pool automation. Thanks to a programmable weekly timer, you can simply set the Dolphin Cayman to run daily. With the ability to clean and climb walls, the active scrubbing brush on the Cayman dislodges any tough stuck on debris or algae.

Shop the Dolphin Cayman

Dolphin Premier

Apart of the 2024 ProLine™, the Dolphin Premier brings commercial power to consumers. With Multi-Media™, the Premier includes 3 filter options: NanoFilters, Oversized Leaf Bag, and Standard Mesh Filters. Rated the Best Robotic Pool Cleaner by USA Today, the Dolphin Premier is one of the top cleaners of the year. With a 3 year warranty, try risk-free at Poolbots for 30 days.

Shop the Dolphin Premier

Blue Helix One

A newcomer for 2024, the Blue Helix One is a budget friendly solution for any pool. With an app, dual baskets, weekly timer, and more, it is the ultimate pool cleaning solution. Filtering over 4500GPH+, it can clean your entire pool - including the waterline.

Shop the Blue Helix One

Dolphin Liberty 200

If you still want a cordless pool robot from another brand, check out the Dolphin Liberty 200. With a 2 year warranty, large bin, and a inductive charging design, the Dolphin Liberty 200 is a great alternative to a cordless Aiper model.

Shop the Dolphin Liberty 200


When identifying the best Aiper pool cleaner, it is important to note the challenges an Aiper pool robot may present. While Aiper offers a range of robotic pool cleaners designed to meet different needs and pool types, our testing reveal some common concerns that potential buyers should consider.

Key Takeaways Across Models

  • Cleaning Performance: Across the Aiper range, there are variations in cleaning efficiency, with some models struggling more than others with fine debris, algae, and navigating complex pool shapes. This variability underscores the need for prospective buyers to carefully match their specific pool cleaning requirements with the capabilities of each model.
  • Charging and Operation Efficiency: The issue of charging time versus operational duration is a notable concern across several Aiper models. Prospective users should consider the balance between charging duration and cleaning time, especially those with larger pools that demand longer cleaning cycles.
  • Warranty and Customer Service: Feedback on customer service and warranty support is mixed across the Aiper product range. Instances of unsatisfactory customer experiences post-warranty and challenges in resolving issues with malfunctioning units highlight the importance of robust after-sales support and product reliability.

Final Thoughts

While Aiper offers a diverse portfolio of pool cleaners, our analysis suggests that there are significant considerations to be made regarding cleaning performance, efficiency, and customer support across their product line. Buyers are advised to carefully consider these factors, alongside their specific pool cleaning needs, to select the most suitable model.

For individuals inclined towards Aiper products, staying informed about the latest models and any improvements made in response to consumer feedback could be advantageous. Additionally, exploring comprehensive reviews and comparing different models can provide further insights into which cleaner offers the best balance of functionality, reliability, and value.

Ultimately, while Aiper has potential in the robotic pool cleaner market, aligning expectations with the practical capabilities and support of their models is crucial for a satisfying investment for your swimming pool. For those unable to find a suitable match within Aiper's current offerings, considering alternative brands that better meet their criteria for performance, reliability, and customer service may be a prudent decision.

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