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We have a very limited number of Dolphin Sigma open box return units.  Each one has less than 5 hours.  It has been inspected by an Authorized Dolphin Repair Center and has all the original parts in the box.  It has the full 3 year Dolphin manufacturers warranty 

The New Sigma. Expect More.

Introducing Gyroscope Technology: The laws of physics. Reinterpreted.

Take whatever preconceived notions you may have about pool robots and throw them out. The all-new 2018 Sigma has set a new standard with unparalleled gyroscope technology and a powerful triple motor design.

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Performance. Redefined.

The New Flagship of the Dolphin Pool Cleaners

It’s the best Dolphin pool robot ever made. And it’s easy to see why the new Dolphin Sigma is the answer to the changing demands of pool owners everywhere. With groundbreaking gyroscope technology, commercial grade motors, and a level of efficiency never seen before, the future has already begun. The newest Dolphin features not one, not two but three highly efficient, commercial grade DC motors for the most powerful suction and navigation ever in a robot.

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Our Tribute to the Beauty of Ideas

Commercial Grade. Prosumer Price.

So what exactly makes the Dolphin Sigma the most progressive pool cleaner in the world? It’s rather simple. The Sigma provides visionary mobility, inspiring design and a whole new focus on sustainability. The result is a technologically superior robotic pool cleaner. The absolute best warranty available and legendary Dolphin pool cleaner performance are standard. Discover new groundbreaking features that represent the current state of pool cleaner technology.

The Dolphin Transformed.

Meet the Latest Step in Our Journey

Progress. It’s behind everything we do. It’s why we’re always developing new technologies to revolutionize automated pool cleaning. The engineers created new motors and drive systems that deliver improved performance and higher energy efficiency. State-of-the-art DC motors and an ingenious ergonomic design deliver an exceptional user experience while reducing energy use up to 90%. The all-new Dolphin Sigma is the very latest step on our journey of progress. It’s one that brilliantly reflects the engineering expertise that has gone into its development. And it's easy to see why the new Dolphin Sigma is the answer to the changing demands of pool owners everywhere.

Designed from Scratch. Pushed to the Limit.

You can only reach new peaks if you’re willing to push your limits.

Yet again, everything comes back into play. It’s about a new benchmark. We are always looking forward. Not sideways, never back. We started from scratch. And we gave everything we got to make the newest Dolphin even better. Our goal was simple. To create the next Dolphin that can do more, deliver more and consume less power than ever before. The Sigma represents the future of the Dolphin brand. A fascinating future that shows what’s possible. Its design is completely new, but like that of every Dolphin that came before, it’s based on years of research and engineering. The all-new Sigma takes its place at the top of the Dolphin line and in the top echelon of its class.

Powerful in All Conditions

Superior Surface, Wall and Waterline Cleaning

In a radical departure from ordinary cleaners, the Sigma pool cleaner was designed to clean all pool surfaces including the tile and waterline with pinpoint precision. For the first time ever, a consumer robot is equipped with an advanced Gyroscope to deliver precise control and positioning of the robot. While other cleaners fall from the wall, the all-new gyroscope and triple 3,000 RPM DC motor allows Sigma to remain firmly planted against the wall all the way to the top. Sigma Dolphin pool cleaners reaches every square inch of the pool as high speed spinning brushes handle difficult colonies of bacteria, algae, and biofilm. Sigma reaches deep inside pool corners, scrubs, and vacuums so you don't have to.

Triple High RPM DC Motors

Ultra-Efficient using 87% Less Energy

Famous for a high ratio of torque to inertia, the DC motor can provide up to five time it's rated torque without stalling. The Sigma Dolphin pool cleaner utilizes not one, not two, but three onboad DC motors. The revolutionary 24 volt DC motors require 87% less energy than the AC motors that power old fashioned pool cleaners. Efficiency demands power. That was the principle then. And it still stands today. There was an opportunity to get more from less. To optimize the work input to work output. Enter the era of gyroscope enabled robotic pool cleaners.

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Dual Scrubbing Brushes

Obliterate Stubborn Dirt & Contaminants

There are few pool cleaners that are capable of cleaning your pool in a truly satisfying way. It started with a vision. A vision to completely reimagine what we expect from a robotic pool cleaner. Traditional cleaners have no brushes that contact the pool surface. We gave Sigma not one, not two, but three powerful brushes. Engineers gave Sigma dual spinning brushes that power scrub the pool surface and a third center CleanSweep™ brush that rapidly oscillates back and forth to dislodge stubborn contaminants. Together, the triple brush systems provides exceptional agitation and brushing performance.

In addition to vacuuming loose debris, the new Sigma really shines when it comes to difficult to remove contaminants like algae, bacteria, and biofilm that’s firmly attached to the wall of most pools. There are 21,000 known varieties of algae. Chances are, you’ve dealt with at least a few of them. Resistant to chlorine, biofilm is self-perpetuating and very difficult to remove. Traditional pool cleaners only pick up loose contaminants, leaving stubborn contaminants stuck to the pool wall. But the Sigma attacks stubborn contaminants at their core. Biofilms in swimming pools can and often do lead to cloudy water, algae blooms, scale build-up, and even corrosion. Traditional pool sanitation focuses on treating symptoms rather than the root cause of the cloudy water, algae, or slimy surface. When Sigma is in charge of cleaning your pool, it doesn’t just vacuum. It uses three powerful brushes to scrub every square inch of the pool surface, including the wall, coves, and waterline for a more thorough clean than ever before.

Sum Greater than the Parts

Groundbreaking List of Patented Features

Everything we do day in, day out is geared toward maintaining and enhancing your pool ownership experience. From triple DC motors and microprocessors to gyroscopic systems, we’re constantly working to get the most out of every electron. But we aren’t satisfied with just using less energy. The demands of pool owners everywhere are changing and we’re listening. With new gyroscopic control and a level of efficiency never seen before, the new benchmark is set. Triple DC motors and gravity defying suction deliver an exceptional user experience while reducing energy use up to 90%. In a class by itself, the Dolphin Sigma was designed from the ground up to be easier to buy, own and operate.

Massive Top-Loading Cartridge Filtration

The Largest Cartridge Ever in a Pool Robot

The new Sigma’s filtration system is so large, easy and convenient, you’ll never consider messy, cumbersome debris bags again. Cartridge filters have been around for years but pool owners found them small and difficult to clean. Previous generation cartridges made debris removal nearly impossible with small cavities that trapped small debris and fine dirt. Consider this problem solved. With the new Sigma, Dolphin introduces a new massive cartridge with the highest capacity ever recorded on a pool robot. The new Dolphin SnapLoc TM Filters make robot cleaning easier than ever. Each side simply snap sapart for quick and easy cleaning.

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PowerClean™ Dual Scrubbing Brushes

Attacks Tough Contaminants

Virtually any pool cleaner can vacuum loose debris, but it takes a special type of robot to remove contaminants that adhere to the pool surface. Traditional cleaners merely pass over difficult to remove pathogens, leaving them fully intact. The Sigma robot was engineered from the ground up to deep clean. Engineers gave Sigma dual scrubbing brushes that attack the bacteria, algae and biofilm that is firmly attached to the pool wall. PowerClean is especially effective against biofilm, a structured community of microorganisms that increases chlorine demand, destroys water quality, and frustrates pool owners. Guided by SmartNav 3.0, Sigma’s dual high RPM brush power scrubs every square inch of any pool with remarkable efficiency.

HyperGripTM Continous Tracks

Leaves Wheeled Cleaners in Its Wake

Water in between the wheels and pool surface make it difficult for the robot to maintain traction. Continual slippage results in lost energy efficiency and reduced performance. The Sigma takes a radical departure from the conventional wheel with continuous rubber tracks. Sigma maintains constant contact even when climbing slippery surfaces. No more slipping. No more wasted energy. The rubber track also improves directional control and provides greater force than wheels. Tracked robots also glide smoothly over obstacles like drains and are capable of climbing straight up vertical walls. The Sigma’s traction is further improved with a high grip, water-optimized tread and geometric shape, which minimizes rolling resistance for superior providing superior weight distribution, traction, and wall climbing.

Just Say When

Programmable Frequency & Duration

Sigma is equipped with programmable run frequency and cleaning duration so you’re always in full control. With programmable modes, you can set Sigma to automatically run when you need it - daily, 2x per week or 3x per week. Sigma comes with a built-in, programmable weekly timer to ensure that even if you are out of town, your pool stays clean and ready to enjoy. Sigma is engineered to clean quickly and thoroughly. This means you can schedule your robot to run less often. Sigma will complete a cleaning cycle in pools up to 60 feet long in just 2.5 hours. The new advanced controls allow you to run Sigma only as needed instead of every day, saving even more energy.

Creating more by consuming less.

Gyroscope Pushes Energy Efficiency Even Further

There’s a new mandate that guides the engineering principles of Dolphin. Conserving resources while maximizing output. That’s why the gyroscope enabled Sigma operates on nearly 90% less power than old fashioned pressure side and suction side cleaners. While other pool cleaners can expend a massive 1800 watts of power, the Sigma requires about 90% less energy.

Sigma’s triple 24-volt, 3000 RPM DC motors propel its dual scrubbing brushes over every square inch of the pool effortlessly, and with a huge leap ahead in efficiency. This economical balance of power and efficiency is what keeps the Sigma ahead of traditional, power-hungry robots. Even weight distribution between front and rear promotes better balance and allows electrical energy to be converted into propulsion more efficiently. But that’s not the whole efficiency story. Sigma’s 2.5 hour cleaning cycle means it cleans quickly and thoroughly so it operates less.

Peace of Mind

Best-in-class warranty and value.

Adding the commercial grade Sigma to your pool’s cleaning team means forever changing the way you view a clean pool. The Sigma picks up where other robots leave off with innovative new features that make owning a pool as easy and carefree as it should be. Experience the peace of mind the Sigma can bring you with its limited 3-year warranty backed by the world leader in robotic pool cleaners. It’s time to try Sigma in your own pool for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, just return it. Let Sigma challenge everything you think about robotic pool cleaners.

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