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Dolphin Premier® Robotic Pool Cleaner

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The flagship pool robot from the engineers at Maytronics. Leading the way, the Premier keeps the tried and true while embracing innovation. The instantly recognizable design stands alone as the one and only robot with MultiMedia™ Filtration.

Both inside and out, the newest Premier is the flagship of what’s technically possible.

The Tile & Waterline Expert

Over 90% of bacteria and algae in a typical pool is attached to the wall, with the highest concentration found where the water stops on the wall. You may have heard this problematic area referred to as the scum line. This area just above and below the waterline is known to harbor the heaviest concentration of bacteria, algae, and biofilm. In the past, pool robots advertised as wall cleaning only cleaned the lower wall. They’re simply not capable of reaching the upper wall and tile line.

Dolphin Engineers firmly believe in the laws of physics. And defying them time and time again. To enable Premier to climb to the hard-to-reach waterline, Dolphin engineers gave Premier Vector Climbing. You may have noticed unique dual stabilizers that gives Premier it’s friendly, approachable look. But it’s not for looks. It’s the secret to maintaining position on the upper pool wall. Premier attaches to the wall and maintains position, even with up to 40% of the robot above the water. The result is an engineering milestone and a whole new level of tile and waterline performance never before seen in a pool robot.

MultiMedia™ is Standard

Now you can choose the exact, right media for any job. Want to clean fine debris and algae that passes through other pool cleaners? Go micro-filter. Need to pick up a bushel of leaves? Go over-sided debris bag. How many robotic pool cleaners offer Multi-media? Exactly one...only Dolphin Premier pool cleaners.

One of the latest innovations from Dolphin is Multi-Media™. Most robotic pool cleaners settle for one type of filter media. But different kinds of debris call for different types of media. For the first time ever, you don’t have to compromise. Want to clean fine debris and algae that other robots would miss? Use the micro-filter. Need to pick up a bushel of leaves? Use oversized leaf bag. There’s even a disposable bag option for those who prefer not to clean anything at all.

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Anti-Tangle Swivel

You don’t need to be an engineer to understand the benefits of tangle-free operation. A swivel ensures that your cable won’t get tangled or knotted, so you can put the best robotic pool cleaner in your pool and not have to monitor it. What other robotic pool cleaner company offers a swivel? Only Premier Dolphin pool cleaners.

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When you unleash the Dolphin Premier automatic pool cleaner into your pool, it finds the fastest, most thorough path and cleans it with unparalleled precision. Smart-Nav software scans and calculates the optimal pattern for faster cleaning and improved efficiency. With the ability to sense ladders and drains, Dolphin pool cleaners won't get hung up like ordinary cleaners. Microprocessor controlled pool scanning makes the Dolphin Premier deliver a smarter pool cleaning experience.

It’s no secret that intelligent robots are the future. That’s why Dolphin engineers developed SmartNav™ technology. Unlike ordinary pool cleaners that wander around the pool aimlessly, Premier is smart and logical. With microprocessor controlled SmartNav, the optimal pattern is calculated for faster cleaning and better efficiency. If you would rather take control, choose the optional wireless remote control. Great for spot cleaning and fun, the wireless remote provides hours of entertainment for both kids and kids at heart.

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Larger Commercial Grade Motors

The efficiency of the Premier does not compromise power. Dolphin engineers gave Premier larger, more powerful motors borrowed from the commercial line of robots. These heavy duty motors are 20% larger, providing the powerful suction force needed for larger debris. Prone to slip and wear out prematurely, drive belts have been replaced with a new direct drive system. Ordinary wheels have been replaced by HyperGrip™ dual tracks. These high performance rubber tracks reduce slippage up to 40% and help take efficiency to a whole new level. Watch Premier’s powerful dual motors at work when it cleans the waterline. To effectively scrub this area, the cleaner must have enough power to rise above the waterline while maintaining contact with the wall. While some cleaners only vacuum loose debris, Premier scrubs and cleans the pool surface with two powerful spinning brushes - dislodging dirt, debris, biofilm and other contaminants. More power enables a whole new level cleaning.

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Weekly Smart Timer with Media Alert™

Premier requires just 3 hours for a complete cleaning cycle. For most pools, there’s no need to run Premier every day -- 2-3 times per week is all it takes. MediaAlert™ monitors the onboard media and flashes an LED light when it’s at capacity. This indicator light lets you know when it’s time to clean Premier’s filters it can get back to work quickly. Some entry level robots require you to manually turn your robot on. Premier’s weekly smart timer turns Premier on and off automatically at the desired frequency – whether that’s daily, twice a week, or three times a week.

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HyperGrip™ Rubber Tracks

Wheels aren’t going to cut it. In pool water, it is easy for wheels to slip resulting in wasted energy and poor performance. The HyperGrip track system is designed to scale the walls of your pool with unmatched agility. The much greater surface area of a rubber track improves directional control and delivers substantially more force than wheels. The Premier pool robot features aggressive rubber tracks for superior power delivery, better control and precise tracking. When wheel slippage is eliminated, energy is conserved.

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Best-In-Class 3-Year Warranty

Premier’s warranty is up to 50% longer than mid-level robots. The best pool robot has the best warranty. The Dolphin 3 Year no-nonsense warranty is for 3 years, is not pro-rated, and is not limited to hours or cycles. It’s hands down the best warranty in the industry to protect your pool-cleaning investment. .

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DIY Modular Engineering

The Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaners is designed to minimize downtime. Built on a modular DIY platform, in the event that Premier needs service, any component can be easily replaced by the owner or any of our many dealers in about 10 minutes. Rapid repair means that your Premier robotic pool cleaner will never be out of your pool too long.

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Greater than the Sum of It's Parts

From day one, Dolphin engineers developed robots with a sharp focus on efficient performance. Because of this philosophy, Dolphin has delivered the most advanced tile and waterline robot ever. Combined with MultiMedia™ Filtration, the Dolphin Premier stands alone as the most powerful, most advanced, and most efficient robotic cleaner ever created. Efficient performance is not a trend at Dolphin; it’s a way of thinking. That was the principle then. And it still stands today.

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Options Terra Premium Dolphin Caddy

Terra robot care products starts with a high-quality solid bamboo caddy, providing engineered storage for the robot, power supply and the cable. You’ll find a unique engineered cord wrap that provides a large 4 point frame to easily wind and store your robot cable without tangles. The four widely spaced supports create a large area which straighten and remove “memory” from your robots cable.

Learn more about Terra Caddy

Navigation Microprocessor controlled SmartNav learns subject pool
Logic Calculates optimal pattern for faster cleaning & improved efficiency
Propulsion: HyperGrip rubber tracks improve power delivery and control
Capabilities: Vacuums leaves, debris, pollen & green algae
Energy efficiency: Reduces energy costs up to 90% over AC powered cleaners
Surfaces: Power scrubs and vacuums doors, steps, walls, and water line
Dual ballasts: Delivers superior agility, manueverability & climbing performance
Micron rating: 2 micron - removes thet smallest pdivs, even green algae
Air sensor: Learns water line elevation for superior water line cleaning
Filtration rate: Micro filters 75 gallons per minute for remarkable water quality
Standard Features
Motor type: Dual 24 volt brushless DC energy-efficient, long-life motors
Multi-media: Twin micro-filter cartridges included. Dual Cartridge and Oversized bag also included!
Patented swivel: It's the world's only true cable swivel, a patented Dolphin exclusive
Drive type: Direct drive means no belts to replace, ever
Brush type: Dual power rotating, scrubbing brushes for aggressive cleaning action
Bi-directional: Vacuums even when in reverse for superior efficiency
Installation: Plug and play. Simply plug into a wall outlet and you're done.
Smart timer: Integrated multi-function timer allows daily, 3x or 2x per week cycles
LED alerts: Lets you know when the media should be emptied
Plug & Play : No installation required. Simply plug in and turn on.
Technical Data
Operating cost: Approximately 5 cents per hour
Electrical input: 115 volts, plugs into a standard wall outlet
Cycle time: 2.5 hours. Faster cleaning for improved energy savings
Warranty: 3 yr limited warranty -not pro-rated - not limited to hours/cycles
Cable: 60 feet thermoplastic rubber cable reduces frictional drag
Compatibility: Gunite, concrete, tile, fiberglass or vinyl-lined up to 55 in long
Service type: DIY serviceable in 10-15 minutes by the dealer or owner
Wattage: 180 watts
Dry weight: 22 lbs.
Available Options
Remote option: Wireless control of where your cleaner goes for spot cleaning (& fun) (+$99)
Caddy option: For convenient transport and storage (+$129-$259)
Disposable Debris Bag: Eliminates the need to clean media (+$9.99/each)

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