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Dolphin Triton PS vs Premier

Once again, we pitted two of Maytronics Dolphin units head-to-head to see how they compare against each other. The Dolphin Premier blasts the Triton PS out of the water in performance.

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Dolphin Premier vs Dolphin Triton PS


Hey guys! It’s Joshua with, and today we are comparing the Dolphin Premier with the Dolphin Triton PS to determine which robotic pool cleaner is the best choice for your pool! On one hand, you have the Dolphin Premier, which is the top of its class with dual scrubbing brushes, waterline cleaning, and MultiMedia Filtration, versus the less expensive and less feature-packed alternative, the Triton PS. We’ll compare the most important element of each robot, their cleaning ability, and then we’ll look at how easy each of them is to use and maintain. So, let’s get into it!

Cleaning Ability

On paper, these units may seem comparable in their cleaning abilities, but they’re not. Both have two brushes, waterline cleaning, and easy-to-remove filters. But looks are deceiving, and the Dolphin Triton PS cuts corners in several areas. The result is a pool that’s less clean. Let’s look at the brushes first. The Dolphin Premier has dual scrubbing brushes, which are directly powered by the motors and actively scrub away dirt and grime. The Triton PS has two brushes as well, but to properly use the brushes, the robot must be able to reach the area to be cleaned. That’s where we see some real separation in ability.

The Triton PS claims to have waterline climbing in its features, but in our testing it struggled to stay on the wall and clean once it got near the waterline. This is in stark contrast to the Premier, which is the waterline cleaning master. The Premier has the large motors found in commercial pool robots. This really seems to make a difference. Take a look at the difference in size between the motors of the Premier and the motors on the Triton PS. So while the Premier climbs walls all the way to the waterline, it’s also delivering significantly more scrubbing power to the pool’s surface. On the rare occasion it does reach the waterline, the Triton PS struggles to stay there long enough to deep clean because it lacks a stabilizer like the Premier’s Dual Stabilizers. Stabilizers are important to waterline cleaning because they help hold the unit to the wall by balancing the robot’s top heaviness, which would otherwise sink and pull the robot off of the wall. This is exactly what we saw with the Triton PS. THis is exactly what we saw with the Triton PS. This is a big letdown because the waterline is the dirtiest part of the pool, that's why it's often called the scum line. And when a pool robot misses it, that means you have to get back out there and manually clean it yourself.

Finally, for cleaning ability, let’s look at the filters that come with each robot. The Triton PS comes with both a fine and ultrafine filter basket, which gives you 2 cleaning choices depending on what your pool needs. But the Premier does it better with 4 filter media options for a truly customizable pool clean. The Premier includes Multimedia which comes with the fine and ultra-fine cartridges that are great at capturing small particles for a really deep clean, but it also comes with an oversized leaf bag and there is an optional disposable leaf bag. We really like the disposable option because there is zero cleaning. Just toss it in the trash and replace it. With the larger leaf bags, this robot is ready for the largest cleanup jobs. So instead of having to unclog the filter basket or empty it every 45 minutes like you would with the Triton, the Premier can clean up large debris with minimal effort.

Ease of Use

Now we can move on to the ease of use with each robot, with the Dolphin Premier laps ahead of the Dolphin Triton. We have already touched on the Premier’s superior filter options, which deliver a customized cleaning, but they're also easier to maintain because you won’t waste time emptying smaller cartridges of big debris or letting the cleaner run inefficiently because its filter fills up without you knowing. This is why it is essential to have a full filter indicator, like the one found on the Premier, but not on the Triton PS. In addition, there is also the Premier’s dual stabilizers, which double as a handle. This is helpful when pulling the robot out of the water or transporting it because the handle lets you get a good grip.

The Dolphin Premier furthers its lead through its 3-year warranty. While the Dolphin Triton has a 24-month warranty, the Premier is covered for a full 36 months. This gives consumers more confidence because a robotic pool cleaner is an investment that should last. The 12-month additional period doesn’t seem like a lot at first glance, but if you end up paying for a new motor or power supply, you could be looking at around $300 out of pocket for just parts, plus the labor to repair it.


It’s pretty clear from these comparisons that if you are in the market for a premium robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Premier blows the Dolphin Triton PS out of the water. While the two robots may appear similar on the surface, a closer look reveals that the Premier is a superior robot. First, you’ll get better performance with 100% cleaning coverage including waterline capability. Second, it’s easier to maintain. Third, it offers more customizable filtration options with its multimedia filtration. And finally, the warranty is 50% longer.

So there you have it. In the end, it’s really an easy decision. As always, you can read real reviews and learn more about the Premier and dozens of other robotic pool cleaners at Visit our website and YouTube to find the best deals, tips, and tricks for pool ownership, and special buys that’ll help you enjoy your pool to its full potential.

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