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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

Choose from top models from the top brands.

Dolphin M400 Review

Although the Dolphin M400 boasts waterline cleaning, multiple filter options, and remote app control, its price and limited availability hold it back from being truly competitive with other premium robotic pool cleaners.

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Dolphin M400 Review

Hey guys, I’m Joshua with And today we’re looking at the Dolphin M400 robotic pool cleaner from Maytronics.


Like the model that’s the next tier up in the Dolphin M-series, the M600, the M400 is only available in brick-and-mortar pool stores. It’s not available from any authorized online retailers, and if it is, buyer beware, you may risk voiding the warranty. The fact that it’s not available online makes it more expensive and more risky than online alternatives with similar features and performance.


The M400 has several features that make it appealing, like waterline cleaning, hands-off control through the MyDolphin App, multiple filter options, and a 36-month limited warranty. However, it also comes with a hefty price tag of about $2,260. Does the M400 live up to its hefty price, especially when compared to other more affordable, yet similar performance models? No, and here is why.

Package Contents

First, we'll look at what all comes with the M400. It has two top-loading filter cartridges that come with two filter liner options: fine and ultra-fine. The power supply has a single on/off button. You use the MyDolphin App on your smartphone to control the M400 and schedule cleanings. The 60-foot cord has an anti-tangle swivel, and there are a total of three brushes: front and rear split-spinning brushes, and a center brush that rotates rapidly.

Cleaning Performance

The M400 has solid coverage once you get it in the water. It uses CleverClean technology to scan the pool and create an ideal cleaning route, so it doesn’t miss spots or linger too much in one area. Our tests showed thorough coverage, and a climbing ability comes from the M400’s tracks with built in tread. They help the unit cling to even vertical surfaces. And it has this overhead handle that looks very similar to the Dolphin Premier’s overhead stabilizers. We think this helps the M400 climb and stay at the tile line like the Premier, which is the best waterline cleaner we’ve tested yet. Like the M600, the M400 follows in the footsteps of the Dolphin Sigma with an onboard gyroscope and split spinning brushes. The gyroscope has several benefits. For one, it helps the unit determine where it is in the pool at all times. It also measures its orientation and helps the unit navigate into tight spots that would otherwise be untouched, like sharp corners or the waterline at the deep end of the pool. And the split spinning brushes help the unit turn on a dime. It can pivot without needing to reverse and go forward. The M400 really impressed us with its cleaning power, but what about its filters?

Filtration System

The top loading filter cartridges are effective, but they’re also finicky. You access them through these two top openings. But you can only open one latch at a time. And the overhead handle is tough to balance, so you’ll be using one hand to deal with the handle while you try to pull the cartridge out of its tight slot. The filter cartridges are easy to empty and clean, but look at the size. They have a low capacity,especially for a robotic pool cleaner at this price. If your pool is near trees and gets a lot of leaves, you’ll have to empty these cartridges out several times during a cleaning job because they’ll just fill up that fast. A leaf prone pool would be better off with a robotic pool cleaner that caters to large debris, like the Dolphin Premier with Multimedia and its oversized leaf bag.


Now let’s talk about usability. We really like the MyDolphin App that comes with the M400. We first used it on the Dolphin Sigma, and it’s nice to see other models adding on this hands off connectivity. You can schedule cleanings by day and pool location. For example, you can schedule the M400 to just clean the floors on Monday, and just the walls and waterline on a Wednesday. Plus, it has handy manual navigation if you need to drive it to trouble areas.Finally, the M400 has a 3 year warranty. That’s identical to the lower priced Dolphin Sigma,Dolphin Premier, and Aquabot Elite Pro. You won’t find better coverage on a robotic pool cleaner than that.


Ultimately the M400 seems way overpriced when compared to top of the line models like the Dolphin Premier and Dolphin Sigma. Each of these 3 robots will work really well, provide great coverage and mobility, and even clean the waterline for you. They all have excellent climbing power, powerful suction, and efficient operation. But - cut the price in half and keep the same features and performance, and you have the Dolphin Sigma. If you substitute the app for an impressive four filter media options, you get the Dolphin Premier. And besides being half the price with nearly identical performance, these units are far easier to purchase online. With the M400, you have to go to an actual pool store, where prices are notoriously high. To save yourself a thousand dollars without sacrificing performance or warranty, we’d recommend the Sigma or Premier.

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