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Free 1-2 Day Shipping. Low Price Guarantee. Easy Returns/Exchanges.

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Aquabot Elite Pro Review

The New Aquabot Elite Pro is one of the best and newest robotic pool cleaners from Aquabot. Equipped with a gyroscope, 3 motors, dual high capacity filters, and so much more, the Aquabot Elite Pro makes pool cleaning a breeze.

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Aquabot Elite Pro Review

Hey guys! I’m Joshua with And today we’re taking a closer look at the Aquabot Elite Pro.


This is the newest version of the popular Aquabot Elite that came out a few years ago. It’s built on what was already a solid robot with dependable cleaning. We’re really excited about this new model because they’ve added triple motors, a gyroscope, and a whole new level of connectivity. With a new app, automation, and coverage, Aquabot is trying to pass some of the high-end robots like the Dolphin Sigma. We’ll walk you through the Elite Pro’s performance from start to finish, and you can decide for yourself if this model is right for you and your pool.

Design and Features

The unit looks similar to the original Elite on the outside but is far different on the inside. You'll notice the ergogrip handle and continuous tracks from the first model. Now let's talk about changes. The most exciting change is the gyroscope, which delivers a whole new level of mobility. The gyro has always been considered the ultimate in pool robot mobility. It's been called one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in the industry. Dolphin first introduced in on the Sigma, borrowing from their commercial line. Now for the first time, Aquabot is introducing on the Elite. You don’t have to be an engineer to understand the benefits of gyroscopic control. For many years the random pattern of turning made even the best engineered robots inefficient. Random patterns destroy both performance and efficiency. Instead of wandering aimlessly around the pool, the new Elite employs gyroscopic sensors and triple motors to precisely control and monitor every movement. The power supply has been simplified from the first version, and now has just 2 buttons. The Aquabot Elite Pro also has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing control through an app on your smartphone. This welcome addition is much more user friendly. There's also a guide to help you get the unit up and running, as well as connected to your phone. To get the Elite Pro started, you first need to get the Aquabot RC app. It’s available on android and iOS devices. Once it’s downloaded, plug in the power supply so you can set up a Bluetooth connection. Once the app finds your Elite Pro, you’re ready to start a cleaning. The app has a few options for cleaning jobs, going up to 2 ½ hours. You can start it right then and there on your phone, or you have the option to delay the start. If you want to schedule it to run automatically, there are options ranging up to every 72 hours.The app also customizes cleanings based on your pool’s features. You can select the kind of pool surface you have, and you can also choose its shape. That kind of data helps the Elite Pro deliver the most efficient clean.

Cleaning Performance

Once the Elite Pro started its first cleaning job, we noticed it took a pretty calculated route. There wasn't random roaming like you might find on less intelligent robots because the Elite Pro has an onboard microprocessor with navigation. Another reason it looked so precise underwater is the new quad spinning brushes. We first saw these on the groundbreaking Dolphin Sigma. The old Elite model had 2 large brushes and one oscillating sweeper in between. But with these split brushes that spin in both directions, the Elite Pro can pivot and turn with precision. That means it can get into tighter spots than before, and it doesn’t waste time or energy navigating tricky spots. The Aquabot Elite Pro cleans every inch of the pool, even the dirty waterline. It had consistent wall coverage and regularly made it to the waterline. Many robotic pool cleaners that claim to clean the waterline are really incapable of making the climb, or they only do it a fraction of the time. But the Elite Pro made it to the tile line on about 80% of the cleaning passes. A nice workaround to any missed spots is the remote control option on the Aquabot RC app. You can use it to drive the Elite Pro to trouble spots, like the waterline. Not only are the brushes now split for more dexterity, but the bristles are also larger. That helps the Elite Pro scrub surfaces more efficiently. Aside from that, its cleaning power is pretty much the same. The Elite Pro uses 3 powerful DC motors, and that’s a commercial robot level of power for both climbing and water filtration. Its 60 foot cable has an improved anti tangle swivel that rotates a full 360 degrees and works very well. So you won’t face any issues with cord tangling.

Filtration System

The filtration system of the Elite Pro is simple and effective. The top-loading cartridges have a transparent cover, making it easy to remove and clean. However, the Elite Pro only offers one filter option, the ultra-fine filter liner, which limits customization based on your pool's needs. Other robots on the market, like the Dolphin Premier, offer multiple filter media options for more versatility.

App and Connectivity

Controlling the Elite Pro through the Aquabot RC app makes it easier for pool owners. The app allows for scheduling cleanings and customizing based on pool features. However, compared to the Dolphin Sigma, the Elite Pro falls short in terms of app customization options.


The Aquabot Elite Pro is an upgrade with advanced features that improve coverage, efficiency, and connectivity. While it falls short of being the best robotic pool cleaner on the market, it is a solid option within the Aquabot brand. If you're looking for the most intelligent and powerful cleaner, the Dolphin Sigma offers additional features like gyroscopic mobility, multiple filter media options, and a more robust app.

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